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  1. Thanks! Not rigged but I plan to do it. I'd like to make an animation with morphings between various stuff, but I'm not sure if I can handle this properly, we'll see.
  2. So I have been inspired @Cerbera being inspired by @anglereserve to post some color test I did recently. Pretty happy with how it looks like, just wasn't sure if it was worth sharing. https://imgur.com/a/wzXV1mN
  3. Ahah sh**! That's what I was kind of thinking when unfolding all parts, was naive I guess.
  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this! So much control. Do you plan to make some sort of tutorial to help binding our own character?
  5. Thanks :) I baked that at 32 bits 8K for a nice little 800 MO texture lol. Didn't tried more complex displacement though, but I think I'll try that later since that might be really helpful to create morphings I guess. Edit : 8K instead of 4K
  6. Smooth Unicyclist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Works for me ! Just know that the cmd key behaves as the ctrl key in your setup. But I know it's the usual translation between PC and Mac.
  8. Finally managed to get it right! For those interested, here are my settings : Bake Sculpt options : - .tif / RGB (XYZ Object) + Round Geometry Redshift Displacement node settings in the screenshot. I also pumped the RS Object tag Displacement scale to 2.
  9. Thanks for the help. I fiddled with the baking options and the RS Displacement Node but I didn't managed to get anything to work either though.
  10. Hello, I'm hitting the wall on a simple sculpted mesh that I'd like to render with Redshift. Sorry if this has already been discussed but all I could find was Everfresh's topic about vector displacement. I also had a look on Redshift forums and found a video explaining the process from Adrian, but I think the problem lies within my baked displacement map. When I try the settings suggested (Intensity centered), the baked mesh doesn't even render as expected in the native renderer. The only displacement types that seem to work natively are the RGB ones. But then, of course, they don't work with Redshift. Any ideas ? I can send the project file if anyone's interested to help (I'd like to not post my files publicly).
  11. Maybe you could give a try with fields on a vertex map linked to Correction deformer ?
  12. Never took time to have a look a CBR's work. Stunning.
  13. Bolos

    Will work for free

    Glad to hear that! I guess he must make pretty stunning work.



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