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  1. The CPU is cooled with a Noctua Master Cooler heat sink. I had one fan in the front and two fans on the CPU heat sink, so none in the back of the case. So added one in the back of the case and another in the front.
  2. Thanks for your comments guys. So I added 2 fans, one in the front of the case, plus another in the back. But the GPU still heat exactly the same, between 79 and 80°C. (I made another renders before adding fans and the GPU was between 79 and 80°C) However I think it helped a lot the CPU, cooling it from 60/70°C to 50/60°C. I also made a long render (1 hour 35 min) and the GPU never went up 80°C. So I guess there's not much I can do to lower temps of the GPU ?
  3. Thanks for your input @jed & @Fastbee. I finally installed Windows and it recognized the GTX 1080 Ti from scratch but when I rebooted in macOS, it recognized it too. But I have a new problem, the 1080 is heating between 79°C & 84°C during rendering. I talked about that on Discord and searched about it on the internet too and I have different answers. Some say it’s normal, some not, so i’m A bit confused. This morning I also went to an hardware shop looking for fans, but the manager told me that adding fans is a good idea but won’t help much reducing heat and that these temps I experienced are normal for such a card. He said that when it’s still below 90°C, there’s no need to worry. So i’d Like to hear your thought about that too. Thanks :)
  4. I finally bought a GTX 1080 Ti to add on top of my GTX 770 but the OS doesn’t recognize it. I also tried it on Linux (Elementary OS) since I’m also interested by Blender and i have the same problem there. After some research and help in various places, someone came to the conclusion that the problem lies on the BIOS or the card itself. Fans and lights on the card are running though. I tried to look at the BIOS but I don’t even see any mention of the 770 there and finally opened up a support ticket on the Gigabyte support. But I noticed that people helping me were kinda surprised of me trying to use 2 cards on the same build, so I thought I could drop a line about that here since some of you may use multiple cards. i guess it could be easier to install Windows but I have privacy concerns. Thanks for reading.
  5. I'm sorry to point this since there's a lot of different 911s but the global shapes seems off to me. What bugs me the most is the headlights that seem to pop out too much and also too small. There's also the rear of the car that seems too "square" compared to photos. Still a nice job, congrats. But I'm no expert so I may have it wrong.
  6. I remember downloading songs from the internet (which could take days on a 56k modem) on one computer and then zipping it on 2 or 3 floppy disks to get it to another computer. I was feeling like I was a genius doing that kind of stuff. That seems crazy the lengths we could go when I think about it.
  7. There's also the Hackintosh option, running macOS on a custom computer. That's not that easy to setup though and less stable than a real Mac.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions CBR, I guess I was a bit depressed and seeing a friend today cheered me up. I tried a combination of SnT shaders with GI and I like the not too slow results, that might do the job :)
  9. Hello guys, I think I found a nice idea for a new very short (30s loop) one shot video with dumb fun stuff. Shorter but way harder (at least compared to Danger Zone I finished in December). There's challenging parts (morphings) and I'm still wondering if I should do it 3D or 2D. I attached a couple illustrations I made for the overall look I'd like to get. Then I just made a quick low poly model of the grandpa and was a bit surprised by the length of the rendering with Redshift. Since I always played with single models, I was able to get decent render times, but here with my 7 grandpas, the render took 1m45 instead of 20s for a single one. So, it's already kind of problematic without having high poly models with textures and such. I also noticed that the viewport was very laggy (even with low details on) with the most complex shots for Danger Zone (the intro with a few flowers). So I guess I'll not be able to do any work with my current computer on this video. Here are my specs : i7-4770K 3.9 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 4GB +32 GB RAM & 650w PSU I guess I could buy a 1080Ti on my build (+ a new PSU ?) but I'll still have the viewport problems, right ? Since I'm kind of broke, building a new stronger workstation is not really possible but I could spend around 1000€. With all that in mind, I wonder if I'd just should keep my money and think 2D. Thanks in advance.
  10. Wasn't finding the frog funny enough so I decided to do a proper 2D illustration and had a lot of fun. https://twitter.com/funkconnoisseur/status/1112101523801235456
  11. Thanks! Not rigged but I plan to do it. I'd like to make an animation with morphings between various stuff, but I'm not sure if I can handle this properly, we'll see.
  12. So I have been inspired @Cerbera being inspired by @anglereserve to post some color test I did recently. Pretty happy with how it looks like, just wasn't sure if it was worth sharing. https://imgur.com/a/wzXV1mN
  13. Ahah sh**! That's what I was kind of thinking when unfolding all parts, was naive I guess.
  14. Thanks a lot for sharing this! So much control. Do you plan to make some sort of tutorial to help binding our own character?
  15. Thanks :) I baked that at 32 bits 8K for a nice little 800 MO texture lol. Didn't tried more complex displacement though, but I think I'll try that later since that might be really helpful to create morphings I guess. Edit : 8K instead of 4K
  16. Smooth Unicyclist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  17. Works for me ! Just know that the cmd key behaves as the ctrl key in your setup. But I know it's the usual translation between PC and Mac.
  18. Finally managed to get it right! For those interested, here are my settings : Bake Sculpt options : - .tif / RGB (XYZ Object) + Round Geometry Redshift Displacement node settings in the screenshot. I also pumped the RS Object tag Displacement scale to 2.
  19. Thanks for the help. I fiddled with the baking options and the RS Displacement Node but I didn't managed to get anything to work either though.
  20. Hello, I'm hitting the wall on a simple sculpted mesh that I'd like to render with Redshift. Sorry if this has already been discussed but all I could find was Everfresh's topic about vector displacement. I also had a look on Redshift forums and found a video explaining the process from Adrian, but I think the problem lies within my baked displacement map. When I try the settings suggested (Intensity centered), the baked mesh doesn't even render as expected in the native renderer. The only displacement types that seem to work natively are the RGB ones. But then, of course, they don't work with Redshift. Any ideas ? I can send the project file if anyone's interested to help (I'd like to not post my files publicly).
  21. Maybe you could give a try with fields on a vertex map linked to Correction deformer ?
  22. Never took time to have a look a CBR's work. Stunning.
  23. Bolos

    Will work for free

    Glad to hear that! I guess he must make pretty stunning work.



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