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  1. Never took time to have a look a CBR's work. Stunning.
  2. Glad to hear that! I guess he must make pretty stunning work.
  3. Yeah it seems very hard to get paid decently nowadays. If I remember well, ten years ago when I started doing graphic design, I heard regularly that a graphic designer shouldn't work for less than 300€/day. 2019, I feel like an animator should get paid way more than that but it doesn't seem to be the case when I see rates. I also find this website pretty useful : http://www.shouldiworkforfree.com
  4. @MikeA Yeah I had a look at it but I think it doesn't work well with Fisheye cameras, I could see the resolution going down near edges, but not with a Standard camera. Here's what I managed to do so far, but I stopped working on it when the render times went beyond my patience when I tried to get more realistic clouds with volumes. Since I was planning to add more geometry, I think I'll leave it to when I'll be able to get a faster GPU. Anyway, thanks a lot for the help guys :)
  5. I'm in the same boat as you, I don't find work. But Instead of working for others, I spend my time learning new tools/techniques and improving my skills. I took this "opportunity" to dive into animation and finished a video clip in December. It had some success online and I've been in contact with a few animation agencies. In the end, nothing materialised but that's already been a huge progress since I was used to just be ignored. So I'd suggest you to use your free time to improve your skills instead of working on projects where it's unlikely that you can learn/experiment. I also think working for free doesn't help anyone (with exceptions), especially those trying to get paid.
  6. I'm trying Volumes a bit more with textures generated from fields. I get something I like in the viewport but when I render it, it breaks. And it's 10 times slower. Do you guys know what's wrong here ? Thanks. OpenVDB_test.c4d Edit : Found out deactivating Motion Blur helps with render times and errors, but still have the texture problem. However, when I render a frame independently, it renders like in the preview. Edit 2 : Nevermind, the meshing process takes too much time when animating. I'll stick with classic polygonal modeling.
  7. Nice renders. Let me guess, they'll build premium tasteless housing complex instead ?
  8. I noticed that you talk about animation, so it may be a render settings problem instead, no ? If you look for "Redshift Tips" here, you should get some useful informations.
  9. I tried a bit to play with procedural texturing in Redshift but did not managed to make anything really interesting. Thanks for the tip though @vanderleden! @Fastbee yeah the camera is just moving straight ahead, but I changed to moving the texture instead. Just using disc instead of a plane improved a lot the bloating, thanks! Render times are still pretty long with added geometry in the scene, but I guess that’s just my hardware limitation.
  10. I'm trying to create an animation where I'd have some kind of "lunar" landscapes and started with a Desert look. I managed to make something interesting but I think it's very heavy. Since there's no "floor" object with Redshift, I used a square plane of 400000 cm, with 1000 segments. As the displacement wasn't looking good I enabled Tessellation with default settings and it looks closer to what I want but it slows down (2x) the rendering. I'm afraid I'll not be able to add much more geometry to the scene before it gets unusable. I also tried using a smaller plane in a cloner but C4D crashed. Is there any way to achieve a similar look without bloating the scene and render times ? Thanks!
  11. I guess the easiest way would be adding hair to the bottom edge of the blanket. I think You could also model them with polygons for a more realistic look, but I'm no cloth expert, so I don't know if having really small geometry would behave nicely in such a simulation.
  12. Oh okay I get it now. Well for this, you’ll have to tweak the UVs (in the BP UV Edit mode). There, you can use the Move and Scale tools to adjust your UV islands to the texture. But I think you should look for “UV mapping” tutorials, there’s a few out there that will get you started.
  13. Can you explain more what is the goal ? I have trouble understanding what you want to do. If you just want to export the texture, you could apply the material to a plane, render it and you'll have your texture. But I doubt that's what you're after.
  14. Here is a quick fix : https://ufile.io/cx8xr I simply projected the mesh from the top view and then relaxed it (with LSCM). Hope that does the job.
  15. Thanks a lot for the in-depth comment! I think the most frustrating thing is when you adjust points but then creates another flaw to adjacent points. Making me feel I'm doing useless sh**. I guess I'll have less of these moments with time. Having no idea about how to handle edge flow wasn't so long ago. Even after watching videos saying to myself "Yeah makes sense, that's easy", I needed some time to digest it. I also use the HB modelling tools and use most of the scripts you mentioned but somehow didn't used them on the upper part. I remember being really frustrated when learning that C4D did not had similar tools to Illustrator's Align/Distribute tool. Discovering the HB scripts was a revelation, lol. Finally, yes, I think you're right about accepting the fact that some results can't be achieved without time and sweat (maybe that'll change sooner than later with AI ?). I think I just need to spend some time on another project to get back to the shoes later with a fresher state of mind. Edit : Already heard about using sculpting tools on polygonal meshes not that long ago but thanks for the reminder, I'll try it!
  16. Do you guys have any useful tips to create smooth SDS surfaces without spending hours (if not days) adjusting points manually ? As I have a better understanding of modelling, I enjoy a lot the early process of it. Quickly creating shapes with the Polygon Pen finding the best "Edge flow". But once done, getting real smooth curved surfaces is really hard and it's kind of killing the fun. Fine tuning points positions is boring. I use the smoothing brush a bit, but not so much since I feel like it mostly flatten things. I guess there's no easy shortcut but I spend way too much time on this to my taste. Thanks in advance.
  17. The right icon in the header of this sub pictures a man fleeing from a bunch of triangles (mountains ? lol). I just think "man! you should handle those triangles instead!" So I was thinking he should face and blast 'em! Maybe threaten them with a knife ?
  18. Update, finished the sole. I guess the hardest part is done. So I ended up polygon modelling a star and used the Sculpting tools to project it to a plane, then baked the displacement from the plane. Finally, I used the resulting displacement .tif in photoshop to create the stars following the UV map. Not sure if it's the best idea but that's what came to my mind :) PS : Maybe the topic could be moved to WIP ?
  19. @natevplas Never heard of him but his work is so cool, thanks for sharing!
  20. Thanks a lot @Cerbera! I must say I was kind of surprised to manage it this fast and on the first attempt, I have been kind of lucky this time.
  21. Indeed! I guess your solution could be less time consuming than mine if it was pushed further :) Glad to help @teknow. I love those kind of challenges, it reminds me of my High School days when I had mechanical construction. We had a perspective view of an object and the job was to draw the blueprints of it, with real paper and pens. Everybody hated it but it was the best hours of the week for me :)
  22. Here's my attempt : I noticed there's a pattern of 5 wires switching 90 degrees in 10 steps. So I made a N-side of 20 sides, edited it and duplicated every 20cm 10 times. Then I duplicated those 10 N-sides and changed their size to match the interior wires. Next I used the Pen tool to create a new spline (with Snap to Vertex on) and created the path for each wire on the exterior or interior N-sides to match your picture. Finally I dropped the two sets into Cloners to make the full tube. It's not prefect (wrong length) but hopefully it gives you a good solution :) Brain Tickler.c4d
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