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  1. Yeah I guess you're totally right. As I live with around 1000€/month, I was thinking 600€ more for 3 days was already cool as I don't have to worry about taxes. Also not feeling ultra confident with my modelling skills I keep it on the low. On the other end, I also think all the skills I already have and needed to make it are worth much more than that. That would be nice to have some webpage showing what you should charge depending on the kind of work made, like this one I just found one a few days ago for animation pricing here. I don't know if I can expect to sell my work that much but as it seems serious, I guess yes.
  2. Thanks for the help grain, will try to do that. For the rate, can you give a price range for a 3D modeler ? Thanks again.
  3. Hello guys, a co-worker from my last job in high-end tableware called me yesterday asking me to model a set of silverware including a fork, a spoon and a knife. She sent me (not definitive) drawings. The design is quite complex as each object is made of two parts where one is twisting around the other. She also sent a 3D model of the fork, but as the twisting thing isn't looking really great, I guess that's why she asked for help. She didn't precised. If you'd like to see it, I can send you a picture via PM. I'm not sure how I can model this right now, but I guess it could take a few days. I don't have any professional status and this would be done in black, so I don't mind asking lower money, but do you have any idea about how much I could ask for it ? I was thinking about 200€ for each model, but I'm not sure if it's too much or not enough. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ah okay, I get it. That's funny cause I'm just in the middle of that kind of problem with my video. I thought doing it some way and it turns out nice but while doing it I thought about a slightly different approach that could improve it so I guess I'll do it again tomorrow.
  5. Hi Deck, feel like you're very humble but I guess that's better than the opposite, haha. Not sure about the tricky 3D job sentence, my english needs improvement. Do you mean that you prefer being added to existing projects where the job to be done is kind of clearer ? Personally I'd love to spend my time making music videos, but last time I searched for a job in the creative industry I wasn't even able to find one. OK for the learning part, i don't read that much but I remember having a big C4D training book. But thinking about learning this way today feels like prehistoric! And finally yeah I've stumbled accross Eyedesyn's tutorials, which are really well done and I'm very grateful of him, especially for being able to cast shadows on luminant objects in a very easy way.
  6. Ahah yes, we've got the same expression in France. I don't watch much tutorials these days, as I'm getting more confident with C4D I'm mostly looking for specific tips when I'm struggling. And that may be weird, but I have got some feeling of procrastination when watching one. But thanks for the link, didn't watch that one. Didn't watched it either but I was really impressed by their watercolor look one. Maybe I should have watched them before posting here. I also just had a look at your website, your liquors and packaging are really impressive. I read that you started in 2014, that's even more impressive! I started before that and can't make renders as nice as yours. Having a lot of experience in retouching might have helped tho but I'm wondering if you learned like me thanks to YouTube and online tutorials or did you had some kind of personal teacher ? Thanks.
  7. I feel dumb not having thought of that, clean and easy! Thank you.
  8. In fact I still have a little problem with creating thumbnails out of it for my website. The aliasing is strong on the small lines (I downsized them proportionally) and the AA render setting doesn't seem to affect it. edit : I guess it's more about lines overlapping than aliasing (except for the highlights). Any ideas ? Thanks :)
  9. Thank you Deck for this extra troubleshooting, but I re-uploaded the video and I think it's looking good enough, even in full screen. I'm going to work on the next parts and maybe I'll see the need to improve this bit later but I think I won't have to. Thanks again, and I still need to take more time on your shadows scene to see how I can upgrade my art shader project.
  10. hmmm, that's weird cause yeah I don't see any bump I your screenshots but I can see them in my renders. Could it be a R19 "improvement" ? Not sure about the meaning of bowing here, but I forgot to say (running out of upload space in the last post) that I changed the pink shader. Turned off the cel and enabled the reflectance. I did this because I wasn't happy about the cel making the highlights circular instead of following my angled light shape. I guess it's the normal behaviour from the cel ? I also see some aliasing on the rounded letters that a min AA of 4x4 don't even get rid of. Maybe you can check the updated file. Thanks again :) Danger Zone Logo AE.c4d
  11. Nice trick Deck! That's funny I did have a look at that option but only tried outside geometry and didn't looked further. After some geometry, light and material editing I think that's looking pretty great (in small size) ! But if you're interested in going further, here are some observations : There's still some bumps. But theses ones are very very tiny, making me feel like a pixel-nazi. Here is a pic : And that doesn't solve the intersection bumps inside the letters. I tried applying the same inside geometry technique (doubling the thickness to match the rest) on it but on the top of the letters it shows up entirely, so I have a varying thickness. I think this is related to the rounded edges. And with my edge selection line it gets really hard. I tried applying a separate sketch style tag just for it, but didn't managed to get anything of interest. I'm thinking that this should be a job for the "filter strokes" option of the sketch material, played a bit with the settings and read C4D's native help about it but didn't helped much. Last problem not really topic related but I guess it's more natural to ask here. I have some bumps at the start and the end (and the A) in my light reflection, like this : It looks like a geometry problem to me, so here's the R (there's some triangles and maybe some weird edge flow but they really help to smooth the corners while keeping it low poly) : Thanks again for your time and help Deck, you rock!
  12. Yeah with the fold option turned off the internal bumps go but I'm talking about the ones appearing where there's intersections. At last it's just what I suppose. Real pixel perfect maniac here, lol.
  13. ahah! thanks! I don't mean to be rude but I don't think changing the thickness improve the bumps/lumps, I can still see them in your screenshot. But I'll let go of that as I guess it's a very minimal issue. Finally what's bugging me the most is that folds option. But I just found out that dividing the text group into separate letters without the folds option brings me back the outline for each letter without the lumps. It's only a workaround but at least it works. And it's funny to see that your screenshots gives the colors that I really want instead of my yellowish ones. I really need to get serious about calibrating and color profiles. Especially with my multiple softwares workflow. Anyway, thank you Deck!
  14. Thank you for the file! I'm looking into that and try to improve my car setup based on it. Then I'll let you know if everything goes the way way I want. Thanks again Deck, and no problem for the delay that's already really nice to have your help.
  15. Thank you Deck, here are some final res screenshots and the C4D file. Found out that with a higher resolution, I can now barely notice this problem, and even less when it's animated. Maybe you'll not notice more with these new screenshots, zoomed in Ps it's only a 1px bump. I guess I can live with that but it would be nice if I could have some control on it tho. But going full res made the sketch style "folds" parts a bit of a problem now, just in the internal parts of the letters. I highlighted them in yellow. And the original intersections problem (I guess) in cyan. I could just get rid of that folds option but then the outlines of the letters aren't complete. Maybe there's a better option to achieve that ? Last question, do you know a nice way to get the C4D file colors look exactly the same when using Cineware in AE ? And finally thank you for the compliment, if you're interested you can have a look at the WIP video here. You can see an animation difference between different parts cause I'm actually redoing in AE & C4D something that I've been drawing frame by frame in Photoshop. Danger Zone Logo AE.c4d
  16. Another project, another problem, this time with the sketch material. I've been playing with it recently but I'm unable to find the setting (if there is one) to get rid of the bumps at lines intersections. You can clearly see the problem on the Z in the screenshot attached. Note that my AA settings are min 4x4, max 4x4 and Sinc filter. I tried upper resolutions but this doesn't seem to be the source of the problem. Do you guys know what I could do ? Thanks.
  17. Yeah I guess so, especially with Cineware in After Effects. I also guess that I've been too fast to say that your solution works. I just tried it on my spare wheel before answering. I found out that it was not thanks to it that I got rid of the artefacts, but simply applying the art shader without the shadows option on it. The car beneath still had the shader with the shadows option on and that gave me the look I wanted (as the car body is almost unaffected by artefacts and the AO in my diffuse got it). But as I tried today to go for the rest of the model, when I uncheck "seen by camera" on the compositing tag it hides the objects, yes, but its shadows too. Are you sure it's supposed to work as you suggested ? Also two questions not related : - Do the "Remove duplicate materials" really work in R19 ? It seems to only work when it's in a good mood. - I can't make the shadow catcher light option work at all, I tried with different light and shadow settings, the light always illuminates. Thanks!
  18. Thank you! I managed to make it work. No more artefacts on my spare wheel. :)
  19. Could you explain the process more in detail ? I get the idea but I'm totally unable to make that setup. Thank you.
  20. Thanks for the tip, I'll try that!
  21. Hello, I'm running into a problem with the Art Shader that I'm getting really fond of, but having trouble to get shadows with it. I narrowed down the problem in the screenshot below. I'm using an infinite light with hard shadows. On the right cube it seems the "shadow" option where I put a cel shader with "lights" and "shadows" checked can't make a self shadow on the object and generate weird artefacts. Using a simple image gives the same result. I also tried using some really pumped up AO in the Diffuse channel (top cube on the screenshot) but this doesn't really work. Desired results would be left cube (it's a cel shader). Would be awesome to make it work with area lights to have soft shadows. I spent hours/days trying with layers/layers mode/mixing materials and didn't found anything interesting. Thanks in advance for the help. PS : Here is what I managed to make so far with this setup (you can see the artifacts on the spare wheel sides when it's facing the camera)
  22. Is it still impossible ? I'd be really interesting for me if such thing would be possible. I'm wondering that maybe with CD4 R19 & After Effects CC 2018, the integration between the two might be better. Thanks.
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