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  1. @everfresh wasn't expecting to learn more about George Duke around here, ahah. Thanks for the links. Master Of The Game is a great album! I heard "I Want You For Myself" a few times before, really love this song. Didn't know it was him. I also heard about the awesome Daft Punk sample but didn't know it was coming from here.

    There's also a huge Funkadelic vibe at times :)


    A Brazilian Love Affair is cool too, there's awesome parts but the more "free jazz/improvised" parts are a little straining to me. That's what kinda set me off on the few albums I listened before.


    And I love "Funkin' for the Thrill", that's the typical funk sound I love.


    He also has some very cool album covers. Love this one


    Concerning the rig, that's hard to stay motivated. It feels like each time I make a step forward, I make two backwards. *crying face emoji*

  2. Hey @everfresh, I'm getting real close to the final look I want but still have a few problems that I have a hard time to resolve.


    The main one is that there's some latency/updating issues between the viewport and render.


    I'm trying to sync the tapping feet to the beat but there's some update thing going on in the viewport.


    If I move the green playhead it looks like the render, but when I release it, there's a small fix going on to match the actual keyframed positions. If I use the backward/foreward arrows instead, the small fix is only happening when I select an element in the object manager.


    • What I mean is that the render doesn't seem to use the real keyframes but what I get before those little "updates". So I can't precisely pose my feet with this going on. Do you know this issue and how to handle it ?


    • In the Redshift render (posted here https://couill.art/project/can-t-hide-lovethe eyes seem to be wobbly and I suspect there's again priority issues. But when I make a hardware render with polygon lines visible, I don't see any shifting. So I'm kinda bamboozled.


    • I also tried to do the "parenting null trick" to have the toes of the first lizard to follow its tail but I guess I have a priority problem too here.


    • I finally noticed I wasn't quite right with maintaining the heels in position, I played with the PSR/parent constraint on the heel bone and it's priorities but didn't found the perfect solution yet. It also looks like the tibia is changing height instead of moving the knee. So if you have some time to look at this too, that'd be awesome.

    I uploaded an update of my lizards (with assets) here if you want to have a look https://we.tl/t-EY8cxB0D92


    Thanks in advance !


    PS Man, I know I already owe you a lot, if there's anything I can do for you, please ask.

  3. @everfresh Ah I tried to organise it clearly but yes I totally understand that.


    I just tried to use your second option for the hand/belly thing because it seems more flexible to me.


    I may have it wrong but if adding bones is a better solution, that also mean that one should make similar constraints near a joint (where there's more chances to have 100% weighting to a single joint) ?


    Anyway, I managed to get a null clamped to the belly without any latency, but when making a parent constraint on the wrist (like it works for the tongue) to that null, there's still some delay. I played with priority options and numbers but no miracle so far.


    Wanna have another look on the updated file maybe ?




    The new clamped null is a purple one called Wrist Position.

  4. Ah, I didn't thought about that. I actually thought that since I'm using global P & R, it should take the belly's parents into account.


    Does that mean my rig should be done differently/efficiently (not having head to hips children of another) ?


    Cause I added the hips to the wrist constraint tag and fiddled a bit with the settings but didn't saw any latency improvement.


    Killing the weird sexy pelvis movement from the hips fix this, yes, but I really like this weird sexy pelvis move, lol.


    It also sounds painful in case I'd want my hand to be constrained to the head. If I understand well, I'd need every controller from hips to head onto the hand controller constraint ?

  5. On 8/10/2019 at 2:35 PM, Cerbera said:

    You can either keep your first ever video, but make it private so nobody else can see (so you can look back in a year and laugh) or you can just delete it an re-upload the better version ! :)



    Vimeo also offers to update the video file only.

  6. Hard to say what's wrong from a single image, you could upload your file and I'll try to have a look at it.


    Maybe it's just the EYE_TARG sphere who's at the same place than Eye_left, then hiding it and its texture ?

  7. That's a nice animation!


    You could do that in C4D but I don't think it's going be les work than in 2D. It should totally be possible to do something similar in C4D with toon shaders. Might be tricky to get nice smoke effects tho.


    Anyway, this GSG tutorial might be what you're looking for : 



  8. I'm creating a new topic since it looks like nobody saw the last post.


    I have some trouble with the finishing touches of my lizard animation.


    Here is a gif of the tongue moving sideways as the head is wobbling instead of staying in position.


    As soon as I disable the IK-Spline tag on the Tongue_1 bone, the problem disappears. I tried to play with the settings but didn't found any solution.


    Side quest I managed to get my belly inflate/deflate to breathe with the hand resting on top of it. But there's still some lag in the hand following the belly. I had a look at the documentation and it says that can happen.


    So can I still get rid of it (I was thinking there could be some animation baking solution) or am I stuck with it ?


    Here is the file.


    Thanks in advance.

  9. I'm really close to being done but there's still one main problem I can't solve.


    I rigged the tongue of the lizard with an IK spline and it's attached to the jaw bone. The problem is that the tongue is moving sideways as the head is wobbling, so it's weird to look at. I tried a lot of different constrain tags and hierarchical positions but I did not managed to get rid of it.


    If someone's willing to have a look at the file, here it is.



    And here's some secondary ones :


    • I also have a similar problem with its hand resting on its belly. I constrained the wrist to the belly but there's some latency following it (I thought I should use local P constraining but it doesn't do anything so I used global P).


    • I'd also like to make it breathe and inflate/deflate the belly. I guess I can use pose morph for that and add a clamp constraint on top of the PSR one, then sliding the hand to match the belly. But maybe there's a smarter solution where I could constrain the hand to actual mesh points ? (I just found the inverse, attaching mesh points to objects).


    • Last detail I can't fix is that some of my bones turned cyan (no idea what I've done) and they're still visible when I hide the layer they're on. It's bit annoying. (edit : just found it was because of my pose morph in edit mode)


    Thanks in advance.



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