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  1. I got help on Isydiums forums. For anyone-else experiencing this issue: Under the xpGenerator object> Object> Scale,Rotation, and Offset> Scale Using: Source Object Scale. By Default its set to Particle scale. Ha HA and with all things CG it twas one button that solved my problems:)
  2. Hey all, Thanx in advance for any help comes my way :) I made an object with splines and sweep nurbs but when I try an generate it as a particle the animation is different. It pops on way larger than intended and shrinks back down to manageable size but then any easing animation I have in the object seems to not be coming through. Wondering if this is a limitation of what xparticles allows as a generated object, or is there a button im not checking somewhere? How its laid out: I have animated an object with a series of rectangles and sw
  3. Hey all, Im curious if there is a way to generate editable splines from an XP particle trail? For instance: I want to use x particles to art direct motion paths and then convert that motion path to a spline that I can attach objects to and animate them moving along. I am aware of the plugin Umami but its only going to get me so far. If I can "sculpt" motion paths with Xparticles that would be awesome! Thanks!
  4. Hey all, Im using the preset character "fish" rig in R19 and its working really well for the most part except one little thing. Ive set up my spine and fins but I made an extra set fins to add some dynamic motion to some whiskers that are on the face. I figured using the "fin" would give me good control for that. The problem is it seems fins default to a connection on the second bone in the spine IK chain which doesn't work for me. I need this connection too something like the head or even the jaw so that the that the whisker rotates with the head and not the spine. Un
  5. MAGIC! Thank you! @DeCarlo @ABMotion These are both awesome techniques that I can definatly use down the line. Is this same technique possible using the octane scatter node?
  6. I have a pre built city scene (not built by me) with a ton of buildings. -each building is its own object. -the current uv's for each object are unusable and there are too many objects to fix for my timeline. I like to able to be able to use the random functions of octane or c4d to shade attributes of the objects (buildings) with one shader that I can duplicate and base other shaders off of to get more control further down the pipeline. My problem is that most of the documentation im finding to control this the way I want to, all hinge on using cloned objects
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