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  1. Hello, I posted this on the Octane forums but thought it might be beneficial to ask on here as well. There are a lot of already answered questions concerning inconsistencies in Live Viewer and Render in Octane, however I haven't been able to get this to work (still an octane amateur) My render settings and LV settings are the same, I've tried adding octane object tags on the emissive objects. I've attached the LV and Render images, and my render settings. There are emissive textures in the tendrils in the LV I can't get to show up in the Render.
  2. atraxmade

    Pose morph a matrice extrude

    Ah I see, that's too bad. Thank you anyway!
  3. Hello, I did a matrice extrude on the faces of a platonic object and I'd like to animate the rotation parameter. I tried to do this with pose morph but I'm having difficulty. Is this even possible to do? Many thanks in advance
  4. atraxmade

    Bevel Edge Not Working

    I ended up just restarting C4D and copying and pasting the obj to a new scene. Only then would my face normals stay yellow after I tried beveling for some reason. But it does work now, thanks!
  5. atraxmade

    Bevel Edge Not Working

    Hi, I'm trying to bevel an edge, but it's making distortions. I've attached pictures of the before and after of when I try beveling the edge. I was wondering if it had to do with the polygon normals, but every time I reverse the normals to get everything unified, I bevel the edge and it reverts the object back to having both blue and yellow normals. I don't even know if the normals has any effect on the beveling problem though. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. atraxmade

    Animation Textures Problem in Octane

    Oh yes, for sure. I'm using the R19.053 Student version and Octane VR 3.07-R2. I'm also on Windows 10. My bad!
  7. atraxmade

    Animation Textures Problem in Octane

    Beeple's final output with the animated textures ( blue and green dots)
  8. Hello, I'm really new to using Octane and downloaded one of Beeple's proj files to pick apart. There are a couple animated textures in the vimeo clip he uploaded that aren't showing up in the live viewer of the C4D file. I've reloaded both animation sequences as well. Any idea why this would be happening? I've attached pictures of what my c4d live viewer looks like and his final video output looks like. I was going to post this question in the octane c4d forums but I'm having technical issues with the site at the moment.
  9. atraxmade

    Point Cache Problem

    Oh yes, I've turned off the skin and it fixed it. Thanks very much
  10. atraxmade

    Point Cache Problem

    Hello, I have a character rigged and animated using the Character Object. I ran a point cache on the polygon mesh of my character but when the cache is complete, it totally deforms the model. Any ideas on why this would happen? I do have a lot of non planar polygons on my model. And I also have a hair collider tag on it, if that would factor in at all.
  11. atraxmade

    Keyframe questions?

    Hello, In the F curve window, is there a shortcut to reset the graph, after I accidentally zoom in or zoom out? And also in the viewport timeline, is there a way to see ALL the keyframes on an object? For instance, if I want to see the keyframes of an object and a deformer at the same time.