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  1. Hey everyone, Would appreciate any help with what I am trying to achieve. I need to make a globe (earth map wrapped around sphere) with two colours blue and green like on the attached photo. Since I need it to look like some sort of a plush toy globe I am using Cinema 4D's built-in Carpet material ( Unfortunately I am not that advanced to be able to create plush toy material myself :( ) But this carpet material, when applied covers the entire sphere in single colour and I can't just figure our how to achieve this globe look. Also, I would be very grateful if someone could explain what would be the best way to wrap the world map around sphere so it's displayed properly. Thanks in advance!
  2. Boboligogo

    Dynamics go tits up

    Got it! All fixed! Thanks ever so much Bezo! and everflesh!
  3. Boboligogo

    Dynamics go tits up

    Thanks Bezo, I did not create a plane from the box. I created a plane from the Plane object. Just made it editable and added an extra edge. I tried what you have suggested - no effect. Still the sphere is launching up in the skies
  4. Boboligogo

    Dynamics go tits up

    Hey Bezo, Sure, please see attached. w_dyn.c4d
  5. Hey everyone It's not the first time it happens, and frankly, it seems that I've tried all possible Google keywords to try and find a solution to this issue- so here I am.. Sometimes, when I create even the simplest scenes ever, literally a plane and a sphere my dynamics go completely tits up for whatever reason. Here's what happens: I drop a plane and throw Collider Body tag on it, just as is, no tweaks, then a Sphere comes in with Rigid Body tag, again to tweaks - press play - the sphere supposed to drop on the plane and start rolling away, yet it skyrockets in a completely different direction. upwards, towards the camera etc... I am attaching screenshots in an attempt to illustrate the issue, I would appreciate any help!!!
  6. Hey everyone. I was going through this instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/lilmiquela/and I couldn't work out what program and renderer has been used to achieve this hyperrealistic looking output? Any ideas?
  7. Boboligogo

    Move animated character around

    Wow! Thank you soooooo much for the effort, really appreciate it. Trying it right now
  8. Hey everyone, I have built my first character rig and now am trying to move it to a specific position in the viewport. It's impossible to move a character if Animate button is pressed so I go back to Build or Adjust and then move it to where I want it to be and start animation from however after pressing Animate it jumps back to the original position which is world zero axis (the default viewport axis) A few more details in a hope to make my query more clear: the character should walk from A to B using Path mode with a custom drawn spline, so I want it to move from a specific position not from the default viewport axis (I'm not sure this is exactly what it's called, I'm super new to this fun haha) Is there a way to somehow achieve this?
  9. Boboligogo

    Powder pile

    jeez thats crazy haha looks awesome tho!
  10. Boboligogo

    Powder pile

    Understand. I greatly appreciate your response. I will try to model a pile and apply texture then, never heard of Houdini (?) thought Cinema 4d is the boss of the game =)
  11. Boboligogo

    Powder pile

    I am a graphic designer at an advertising company, my company has it installed, I've just decided to dive into 3d, I usually work with Adobe suite. Hope this helps
  12. Boboligogo

    Powder pile

    I'm afraid don't understand your question and can't see how it helps my question above.
  13. Boboligogo

    Powder pile

    Hey everyone. I would really appreciate any help with the following: I am trying to create a powder pile spilling out of a tub (working on a protein shake banner) Having started with c4d just over a month ago its no surprise I can't make it happen. I did however reach somewhat "close to reality" result by implementing Realflow granular emitter with the mesher on, only it looks like a sticky slime far from what I am trying to achieve. Attached bow is what I'm trying to create. If anyone could spare some helpful knowledge on how to create such thing it would be greatly appreciated, I also can send the actual c4d file for better understanding of what a mess of a scene I have going on there ;) Thanks in advance!