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  1. Just watched a documentary on how they made Terminator 2 and simply can't wrap my head around how it was made possible back in 1990 to simulate fluid and do precise Mocap... jeez what software were they even using back then? Fast forward 30 years and I still struggle with Real Flow Here's the clip
  2. The title.. lol I have 2 keyframes from 0 to 200, cube is moved from point A to point B via X axis. Pressed play and it goes super quick, I want that cube to go 3 times slower (or 3 times faster, depending on my mood) within the same amount of frames. How?
  3. I tried, nothing works. Probably reinstall is the only way now
  4. So I decided I need to mess around with Scheme Colours at 3am in the morning yesterday after watching this tutorial: Now I messed up my schemes colours and RESET button is nowhere to be found! PLEASE HAAAALP to restore the original Cinema 4d Dark theme colours. I've tried deleting Dark folder from Schemes, tried deleting Prefs - nothing helped whatsoever, they still looked like this: I know this is not the correct Interface Colour schemes, but I can't revert back!
  5. Hey everyone, Is there a fix for viewport clipping when zooming in on the object?
  6. Big thank you to everyone for such helpful information. Going through all the links right now! xx
  7. Hey dudes and dudettes, Is there any, or are there any in-depth tutorials on UV unwrap in C4d? Let's say I want to create an apple or a leaf - how would I go about unwrapping it in C4d? I've heard stories that Cinema 4d is the worst tool on planet earth when it comes to UV unwrapping, not sure how this stands with reality. In a very unfortunate event it is indeed the honest truth, perhaps someone could suggest a decent pipeline?
  8. Hey guys, I am trying to achieve the ambient occlusion result I'd usually achieve using C4d Standard renderer where I want my shadows to be "blacker" and more dense in the occluded areas. However, I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I tried using AO Corona map but that would only affect a material applied to the specific object, whilst I need the overall result to affect the entire scene. Am I missing something?
  9. Hey Danijelk. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I'm stuck with an iMac so no Nvidia for me (just dusty old AMD) hence I can only deal with Corona. My understanding, from what you've said, is that there is no "specific" renderer for a specific type of work, just like you can do the same futuristic sci-fi scene with Octane and Redshift you can achieve the almost exact same result with Corona?
  10. Hey boys and girls, So I've been messing around with the Corona demo license for a few weeks now and found it incredibly versatile in terms of materials, love the quickness of VFB, I mean you fire it up and straight out of the box you get semi realistic results (provided you know what you do, which for the most part I don't haha) To summarise - I totally fell in love with it and will be most likely purchasing the license. Now here come the Octane Warriors: Oh.. Corona - bro that's just for archviz..., Oh.. Corona - can't really take you far... and then slam me with bunch of terminology which make zero sense to me. Basically they claim that Corona is only good for architectural visualisation, while Octane (and sometimes Redshift party joins in) is a real badass. In all honesty, I do not get what are they talking about, can someone please explain?
  11. Seems like a mission haha, but thanks a lot nevertheless!
  12. Thank you!!! That worked like a charm. How about adding items from Content Browser?
  13. Haha I thought this title summarises my question: When working on large scenes i.e archviz etc, I for the most part focus on certain areas at a time. Now when adding new objects they get added on the world zero, and then I have to travel to grab them and relocate to the area of interest. Is there a way to "tell" the object to be created in this particular area?
  14. Hey everyone, Been trying to get the Book Generator to work for the past hour, to no avail. I follow the instructions, create shelf, make it editable, select top polygon face and press Add on the Book Generator - nothing happens. The book count is on 0 and greyed out. Any ideas?
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