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  1. Jennifer

    Best basic rig?

    Hey thanks for that!! It actually works how I imagined.
  2. Jennifer

    Best basic rig?

    Basically I want the body to be "bendable" too. But if I apply Bend deformer to the entire Null then the character gets distorted
  3. Hey guys! I am looking for the easiest way to rig my character, ideally with "rubber hose" method. I've added bend deformer to all the limbs and it does exaxtly what I want, however if I want to make my character look down, up or back it no longer works. Can anyone suggest any simple method without getting too advanced on Spline IK and Biped rigging. Maybe some "workarounds". The character itself is as primitive as it could get. Two legs , two arms and a head which is the part of the body.
  4. Jennifer

    Vertex map from beveled edges?

    Thanks Bezo, Makes perfect sense now!
  5. Happy new year everyone! Is it possible to select beveled edges of a disc and then set vertex weight (create a vertex map) from the polygon selection? I want to make the edges worn out but must stick to the precise shape of the disc. Many thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, Lately, I dived into a projection mapping and match moving and was wondering whether it's possible to extract camera data from a phone and use it in Cinema. Like maybe there are some phone camera apps that do such thing and if Cinema has this option to import tracking data? Sorry if it's a bit incoherent but I hope you got the message ;)
  7. Just stumbled upon this incredible little documentary on how they used to animate characters at Pixar circa 1993 and figured I'd share it with you guys. P.S Can anyone recognize the software they were using?
  8. Hey guys, I have a character that I want to rig using Mixamo but it won't do it, since my body and my head is the same object. It's basically a cube with a pair of cylinder legs and a pair of cylinder arms leaving the groin in the same position as the chin. Please see pic attached. Is there any workaround to this? Maybe there is a way to download the animated skeleton and attach it to the object instead? I'm a total freshman in animation and rigging so please don't be harsh on me haha ;))
  9. Oh wow thanks a lot for the effort!!
  10. Great, thanks a lot for your help, sounds like I won't be able to figure it out haha, and yeah it's a "plug" lol xxx
  11. Hey, I want to attach the hose and little grey "thingy" to the bottom of the letter P (object has a soft body tag applied). I can do it when the object doesn't have any dynamics, but in this case pressing play causing the letter P to deflate hence changing its geometry and displacing the hose and the grey thingy (don't know how to call it lol) P.S I am planning to drop it into AE to reverse the animation so it will look like the deflated letter P actually gets pumped up with air cause I don't know how to reverse the dynamics in C4d inflate.c4d Project attached, any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out whether it's possible to actually control the behaviour of an object with a Rigid Body tag applied. I know if I apply a RB tag onto a cube and then bring it high up via Y axis, hitting play will make it drop naturally onto the Collider ground. But what if I want to move this object myself, like drop a 'align to spline' tag on it and then move it in a particular fashion? For example, an object with Voronoi fracture to be broken with a rigid body sphere, but that sphere must approach that object using a spline?
  13. That'll do just perfectly ;)) Thanks!
  14. Hey! Is there an alternative to After Effects Wiggle expression in C4D? For those not familiar with AE, it's a mathematical expression added to animation to trigger a continuous effect. For example, if I want to make a blinking bulb then Wiggle expression is added to Opacity or Brightness etc..