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  1. So from what I gather Houdini is more like Cinema in conjunction with X Particles. I obviously don't think about switching, I'm super happy with Cinema overall, was just wondering if there is something I'm missing haha. Thank you for the explanation, it clears up a lot. Maybe it's because you often hear "Oh, Houdini is for professionals in film industry"... as if Cinema is for toymakers
  2. Hey all, Been watching some youtube videos on Houdini lately and besides it being hella complicated (well from what I could tell) in terms of UI and all the node-based modelling, I struggle to understand if it has anything superior to offer, something we don't have in C4d. Can anyone shed a light on its pros and cons?
  3. That's some heavy arsenal right there. 1.Is x particles fluid sims better than Real Flow? 2. Can you please expand on how do you use UE4 in conjunction with C4D for visualization?
  4. Hey everyone. I was wondering what other programs form your C4D pipeline and why. I am using Blender for its new cloth brush which I find absolutely incredible. My current pipeline consist of Substance Painter, Sketchup and Blender. Would be interesting to see what others use and most importantly for what particular reason.
  5. What about monitors, any suggestions? I'm an avid user of AE and PR so video editing-firendly monitor is a must have
  6. Got it. Well I've just copied your build with a slightly more expensive video card. Is it really worth going with 2080ti for C4d? Especially when I'm using Corona CPU haha (looking to switch to Octane or Redshift soon...)
  7. Just had a read through. OK I'll be frank, I don't understand all the techy-things but my understanding is that you've had it since Xmas. So far, is there anything you'd change about it or youэку pretty satisfied with the built overall? I know Gigabyte is licensed to build NVIDIA cards, but does NVIDIA manufacture as well? Now there are quite a few items to put together, was it relatively easy to do and did you buy it all from Overclockers?
  8. Would you mind sharing the specs and what monitor did you go with? AMD? Isn't it all about NVIDIA lately, CUDA this CUDA that? The only impression of AMD I have is that it's sh*** as hell, well obviously it is, it's an iMac built-in AMD Radeon. Will take a look at the thread now EDIT: Please ignore the above, silly me haha, reading the thread now .
  9. Hey guys, currently eyeing a PC powerhouse for work. What would you pick out of this lot https://www.overclockers.co.uk/pc-systems/gaming-pc/nvidia-geforce-pc/rtx-gaming-pc, budget £2-3k? Also, I keep seeing this BEN-Q monitor with a lot of praise. Anyone own it?
  10. Got it thanks! Doesn't work tho haha
  11. Hey , thanks for the tip! Assign UVW is greyed out. Where do I find Stick Texture tag?
  12. Hey guys, I am trying to apply a texture to an animated stock puppet head, however, when the head is moving (nodding continuously) the texture is also moving along with it. I tried Generating/Assigning UVW coords but those are greyed out. The only way the texture seems to glue to the object is when I switch to UVW Mapping, but I'd like to use Cubic instead. Is there a way to fix it?
  13. Hey guys, Hope everyone is staying safe from Corona (not the renderer nor the pee beer) In case you need an advice, here's what I read in the news the other day "British man beat Corona virus whit a glass of whiskey!" - only in Britain... Cutting to the chase: Is there a way to add the Cone to the animated rigged head? So it becomes part of it and inherits all the animation? Tried making Cone child of the Head mesh, but pffff... Thanks!! add_cone_to_head.c4d

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