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  1. Hey Deck! Thanks a lot, that definitely takes me closer to my goal. Can you please expand on how to restrict/add material using the Inside Face selection ?
  2. I know, the topic title doesn't make any sense lol. I am attaching the project to give you a better idea of what I am trying to achieve. Press play and Voronoi will break the cylinder into piece using the exponential method. I've applied grey material to the cylinder, now when the cylinder breaks the internal parts are getting exposed and I want to apply a different material to those. The question is: HOW? *insert dumb Kanye West face* Imagine you're trying to imitate the broken sculpture, the outside might be painted whilst the inside is just white-ish cement mixture. I did try to make it clear. Please don't judge :))) voronoi.c4d
  3. Duuuuuuude. Yesterday I decided to bring "Cinema 4d to life" Here's how the plan sounded in me head: I'm gonna create a geometrical vase using a primitive UV unwrap it export texture to PDF print it out cut the pieces from paper put the UV unwrapped geometrical vase together. Yeah right... After following all the steps above, the pieces won't just fit! The dimensions were clearly off, some edges coming shorter than on the UV unwrapped texture, some longer. So I thought ok, perhaps the bloody Phong angle. Brought it down to zero, sent to printer - boom, same sh*t. Can someone explain where did my life go wrong?
  4. Wow thanks soo much! Guess I need to put everything under Cloth to add a little thickness?
  5. Happy new year everyone! I am trying to wrap my plane around helix in a particular manner, please see pic below However, all I get is this: Can anyone help?
  6. That's awesome! Could you please explain how did you achieve this?
  7. Hey Igor! Thanks a lot dude, I've attached the scene. Looking forward! messy mesh.zip
  8. Merry Christmas everyone! Is there a way to fix a messy mesh without resorting to paid plugins like Exoside Quad remesher? I am trying to import FBX from Sketchup, but the polys are all messed up, please see sc below
  9. You got me https://we.tl/t-sgw89uFXTr
  10. Hey , I can't upload it here with the assets ;( Guess not my lucky day. Btw if you just put any picture in there and run Corona IR, youll see the same result.
  11. Did u have a chance to look into it?
  12. Hey, there is only one texture: https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=502423661758 Let me know if it works! Thanks
  13. Hey! Attached. Thanks a lot! mapped street.c4d

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