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  1. Hey thanks for the feedback! Wouldn't it be better to aim for GPU now that I am looking for a custom built? I am currently on iMac and CPU rendering is... is.. well it's sh** basically lol
  2. Hey guys, What custom PC built would you recommend for 3d rendering? What nVidia card What monitor Processor Type Does motherboard matter Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro Where to buy (in the UK) The budget is £2000 - 2500. Thanks!
  3. New music video by Bjork. Fascinating job! Reckon it's been done in Houdini?
  4. Haha not at all. I just tossed the entire idea in the bin.. Went with After Effects 3d tracker instead ;)
  5. Thanks! Is it paramount to bake dynamics before rendering? I mean will it improve the render time dramatically?
  6. Hey guys, After I set up all the dynamics, I select all the dynamic tags and Bake All Cache like a good girl should. However, after I untick Enable Dynamics and play my dynamics don't work anymore :( Why is that? P. S What's the difference between Bake Object and Bake All?
  7. Thanks guys!!! Sounds like I'm destined to fail already haha
  8. Hey everyone, I have a footage of a man pushing an empty palette, now I want to add a cube on top of the palette and obviously preserve the correct perspective, angle etc. Also, the cube must be "stuck" to the palette in terms of movement, what I mean by that is that the cube must move with the exact same speed as the palette in the video. On top of that, there should be an AO underneath the cube and some natural shadows, it means that i'd have to recreate the aprox geometry of the moving palette right? I know there is such thing as motion tracking, but I believe for that you need to have a minimum of 9 high contrast markers on the object in the video, now the video i'm working with doesn't have any markers besides the natural contrast, i can probably find 9 different places on the palette to track it. not sure My question is, will Cinema be able to track the actual moving object in the video? Oh the video was filmed on a tripod, so no camera moves involved, super static. I know it sounds hella complicated, hence I'm here ;( Please please please ;)
  9. Hi, I am attaching two images, first one rendered with Hdri Sky: and the second one, which was rendered using Physical sky (shadows off) now it's pretty obvious that the latter looks rather flat and "matte". Is there a way to use Physical Sky but have reflections and speculars like in the one rendered with Hdri map?
  10. Hey girls and boys, For the past week, I've been trying, quite unsuccessfully, to rig my Robot Robert. The problem is Robert doesn't have a torso/body, so I've been searching Youtube and Vimeo for any tutorials that overview a character rigging without a torso. No luck. So here I am asking for any help. Ideally, i want Robot Robert to have a Noodle/Rubber hose style rig with the ability to move his legs, arms and head which is at the same time his body. Would appreciate highly even the most reluctant attempt to help a lady ;)) Thanks! robot_robert.c4d
  11. Thanks Cerbera, but I'm afraid that didn't help ;(
  12. Hey everyone, I am trying to make a bendy leg rig. I have created a spline, subdivided in 6, converted Spline to Joints. Added a goal. My cylinder has enough polygons to make it bend, yet when I'm moving the goal, only the Joints are bending. I have this feeling that I'm doing something wrong, and I'm sure it is the right feeling Can anyone help me out please ? SCENE: please bend me.c4d
  13. Hey, I don't know how this came about, but my recent renders now include the following message: Perspective, Grid Spacing and I don't know how to get rid of it. Can anyone help pls?
  14. Hey thanks for that!! It actually works how I imagined.
  15. Basically I want the body to be "bendable" too. But if I apply Bend deformer to the entire Null then the character gets distorted
  16. Hey guys! I am looking for the easiest way to rig my character, ideally with "rubber hose" method. I've added bend deformer to all the limbs and it does exaxtly what I want, however if I want to make my character look down, up or back it no longer works. Can anyone suggest any simple method without getting too advanced on Spline IK and Biped rigging. Maybe some "workarounds". The character itself is as primitive as it could get. Two legs , two arms and a head which is the part of the body.
  17. Happy new year everyone! Is it possible to select beveled edges of a disc and then set vertex weight (create a vertex map) from the polygon selection? I want to make the edges worn out but must stick to the precise shape of the disc. Many thanks!
  18. Hey everyone, Lately, I dived into a projection mapping and match moving and was wondering whether it's possible to extract camera data from a phone and use it in Cinema. Like maybe there are some phone camera apps that do such thing and if Cinema has this option to import tracking data? Sorry if it's a bit incoherent but I hope you got the message ;)
  19. Just stumbled upon this incredible little documentary on how they used to animate characters at Pixar circa 1993 and figured I'd share it with you guys. P.S Can anyone recognize the software they were using?
  20. Hey guys, I have a character that I want to rig using Mixamo but it won't do it, since my body and my head is the same object. It's basically a cube with a pair of cylinder legs and a pair of cylinder arms leaving the groin in the same position as the chin. Please see pic attached. Is there any workaround to this? Maybe there is a way to download the animated skeleton and attach it to the object instead? I'm a total freshman in animation and rigging so please don't be harsh on me haha ;))

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