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  1. shantanu

    Layer Warping

    Here's the scene ! I attached it below. It is a wave animation through random effectors on position, rotation and y axis I was thinking if there was a possible way to just bend the top and bottom layer as a whole and keep the capsules in between attached without redrawing or so Lipid Membrane.c4d
  2. shantanu

    Layer Warping

    It is made of spheres and capsules. I just need the whole bilayer thing to form a complete annular sphere with the top and bottom layers being the outer and inner layers .
  3. shantanu

    Layer Warping

    Hi Everyone, I am using R17 and i have the object attached below. I would like for it to now be made into an annular spherical object with the content in between the layers and outside remaining the same (or slightly warped is fine) Can you guide me as to how I can do this ?
  4. shantanu

    How to remove rotation wireframe display

    Great ! That solved it ! Thanks so much Cerbera, Decarlo and Bezo, been spending the whole day googling !
  5. shantanu

    How to remove rotation wireframe display

    Hi Cerbera, My bad, new to the forum. I'm using R17. I tried disabling animation bands but still doesn't work.
  6. Hi, I'm new to Cinema 4d. I have disabled my wireframe display mode, but there is still an external white wireframe showing for the object's rotation and motion. (See image attached) Does anyone know how to disable it ?