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  1. I think i figured it out, I just did not have the blast range high enough.
  2. hi everyone, for this animation i intended for the platform to disappear over time. Part of the edge of the platform doesn't disappear, and everything else seems to work fine. Minus the edges not disappearing can anyone give tips to prevent this or a fix? (you'll notice the small non disappearing edges on the left side of the Y text letter) here I included is the scene file. I'm using Cinema4d Lite 19.070 astral cotton candy.c4d
  3. I am so happy you posted this, I had the exact same probelm. Fixed. Thanks Nilo
  4. Major props for the follow up videos I have been following along learning a thing or two great stuff in this thread <3
  5. This looks interesting BLSmith I hope you find the answer soon <3 You have me curious about this Highlighting FX as well

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