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  1. The Polygon Reduction Deformer is not visible between my deformers. Even though i have C4D Studio R19. Can someone help me find it?
  2. nvm i found it, i think you meant under the "basic" option on fur, there is visible in render which u can turn off and on while animating, think it worked now yeah. THANKS anyways.
  3. Oh no i was wrong, that was just the display tag's visibility.. so what did you mean by the fur's own visibility?
  4. Yes the display tag, oh it doesn't work on fur. Oh there is just another visibility option under display options on the fur without the the display tag. I haven't noticed it. THANK YOU! hopefully that one will work.
  5. Hi, i am trying to use the display tool on a teddy bear i rigged. I want one to disappear and another to reappear in its same position. I animated the visibility on the timeline as you can see on the file (which is too big to upload here), but both teddy bears still appear in render for some reason, any help would be appreciated. Its just the fur is still the visible but the mesh works with visibility just fine. is this normal? if so what other way to change the visibility for fur?
  6. Oh thats fantastically useful thank you so much! I'll try working on that and thanks for the extensive feedback. Helps a lot! still learning here
  7. Oh you're right, i was just hoping it would make rendering faster but the quality is much better with the hair tool. I found the guides and density map areas, it looks amazing what you did, just wondering how did you draw the density map?
  8. Thanks i found the tool. About the fur i thought maybe using the fur tool would be better here. Is it still fine if i use a density map here too? what guides do you mean? sorry i am still learning so i am not even very familiar with a density map that much. Is it like draw on the BP 3D paint? and exported somehow? Idk
  9. I have been adding some weight changes to my character but can't get the bind pose back after moving a lot of the joints around, although I'm sure there was a "reset bind pose" button which i can't find for some reason.. sorry a quick tip on where it is would be great! Extra question to whoever can help me with this too: I'm using the grass tool to make some sort of fur coat on this stuffed toy, are there any tips to optimize it for that purpose? like on the head how can i make perfect empty spaces for the eyes and mouth: is it by using the noise tool and making a photoshop image with black and white that compliments the head some how. where the black is empty spaces and white is filled with (grass hair)?? I added the file for extra clarification if you wanna take a look at it. body BU bones.c4d
  10. Im not sure what Imho stands for, but I really had no idea C4d's spline tools were the best. I somehow find photoshop's as satisfying to use. But I will focus now more on what you said and definitely give it more than one try. Thanks again for the friendly advise! Helps a lot!
  11. I exported it from photoshop, but I am sure you're right about it having broken segments and not made exactly perfect. Thanks for the suggestion, that could actually just be easier to work with, you're right again. Thanks!!
  12. Hey everyone, I can't seem to get the extrusion tool to fill in the opposite white space on this logo, it keeps filling the background when I want it to fill the foregrund. Can someone help me? I attached the file in case you wanna try it yourself and see what I mean. Thanks in advance! LOGO copy copy.ai
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