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  1. any script for Set Flow function ? and out of Lopp tools topic: Havent touched C4D in while but now that it has probably the nicest Material node editor out there its so inviting. I cant recall if in C4d you have something similar to Max Face constraint when doing transform operation on your components.
  2. Check Elementza 3d channel on youtube. A very good tutor and some of the best modelers you can find on youtube for both C4D and Maya. He has switch to Maya for modeling now but by watching both of series on C4D and Maya you can see the differences between the 2 programs. As of Now Maya when comes to the modeling tools per se (cuting tool, loopools, bevel etc) has surpased even 3Ds max. Thet got lots of attention and refinement in the last 3 releases when comes to hotkey support, consistency, unifying similar tools into one, visual helpers, predictable results etc . For a straighforward and destructive modeling Maya is now way more faster than Max, Blender and everyting else. It has that sweet balance between contextual menus and hotkeys that give you enough options and speed so that you dont need to dig into his hideous Ui system lol. When comes to UV editing , there is no contest here. For a default set of tools Maya won the race, not Blender, Max or anyhting. The new UV tookit is awesome.
  3. It seems people are more keen about modeling fantasy helmets or pseudo historical helmets seen from movies but little is known that actual helmets used along in history are equally fascinating. One forgotten era where there are superb examples of fascinating helmets is the hellenistic one (time period after the Alexander conquest of the Middle east followwed by the establishing of Macedonian dynasties in these lands). The constant wars between the Alexander successors, huge scale of these wars, the mix between the locals and the greek culture gave birth to a fascinating and refined panoply of weaponry within their armies. What draw my attention lately where the helmets used by the soldiers that fought in the Macedonian style Phalanx. Some are very complex with dense decorations like a bearded cheeckguards, most of them were richly handpainted , addorned with big horse hair crests and feathers but I just want to model the most simple and still very well executed most common ones and later bother with the addornings. The most intriguing part for me seems to be the cheeck guards shape which in this period had known a crazy variety and develop , the focus being offer a great protection but also a nice commodity and fitting for the soldier, unlike the more well known in pop culture spartan or better said corinthian helmet which was used in the previous centuries which was bassically a closed one and the cheeck guards were more simple. Ok Ive seen a couple of tutorials more or less at the right pace regarding helmets modeling in general with various softwares. One from Mike Hermes on youtube for Maya deals exactly whith one of this historical type He achieved a presentable result but in my opinion the cheeck guards can be way better shaped and defined and would probably need a different aproach. What would the best way to approach such complex shape modeling order to achieve a very good matching with the original references. And what would be a good topology example for them. Im talking about traditional polygon modeling (no sculpting or anything else). Thracian Kopais more refferences here Thracian Melos 1 more refferences here Thracian Melos 2 more refferences here Thracian Beotian more refferences here
  4. what are you guys using for rendering and texturing ?
  5. is Prorender the same unreliable thing on other software as well?
  6. how hard is to model a table on Houdini ? seriously ? I like the wireframe view though. Does any other software have this ? Blender 2.8 plays with this idea but noting certain.
  7. 1) Selection tools - Double clicking any type of component, in any type of transform and selection tool to select loops and rings just like in Maya. Partial loop and ring selection again just a matter of double clicking the end of the loop or ring. A hotkey modifier to temporary activate that thing called Live selection (In Maya its the tab key). Rectangle selection doesn't need to be a different tool just drag a damn square in any selection tool or transform tool you might happen to be. 2) Modeling tools - Advanced and refined : Circularize, Bridge and Wedge (Hinge from edge) just like in Maya - Precision tools for adjusting "loops" post factum and fixing topology like all the freaking 3ds max Loops Panel lol - Set Flow, Make Planar, View Align, Grid align 3ds Max wise 3) A Refined and consistent Symmetry mode for most of the modeling tools. (partial symmetry supported ) and some tools of that like. 4) Open subdiv How is the Cinema 4d workflow for it? What about smoothing groups? I would add these as well but Im not familiar with how C4D use them. Any equivalent for them ? Max really excels at this with lots of selection options and crease sets management. So yeah mostly modeling stuff from what i happened to figure it out in the program by now coming from a different background ( some modelling in Max, Uv maping and Motion graphics done in Maya). 5) Motion graphics wise I would like to see these new level of control MASH brought to the table .At this Point, MASH seems way more powerful than Mograph and the Mainframe devs continues to deliver very consistent updates. In combo with the super fast Maya 2.0 viewport makes him even more reliable. It has a lot of potential for Modelling purposes as well (I suspect in the future the MASH editor will somehow supplement the lack of Max modifier stack). It will probably be a away more advanced procedural modeling than Max stack but Maya it will do it in its own Frankestein-ish way (to be read very convoluted). I dont know why motion graphic artists say MASH has a a cumbersome workflow. First of all assuming you have a minimal experience with Maya youll notice that motion graphics seem to its by far the simplest,fastest and most interesting thing you can do with the program in order to achieve some decent results. Back then when MASH it was first integrated I was stunned how easily is to replicate these UI motion stuff (you can get them free from Autodesk Creative Market) and other cool medical animations. 6) ofc the viewport performance improvements. I wonder if this would make possible to implement a better wireframe display that Blender has it on the way for the 2.8 viewport and Houdini already from 14 version . It seems it fades out the wires on the back of the model. Blender seems to add something extra to the mix that makes very dense models shapes and contours to be more distinguishable. I wonder how taxing is on the system such implementation. Houdini Blender 2.8
  8. I barely touched this subject in other softwares but it seems Cinema 4d its doing it again in its typical clean and elegant way with a simple tag. So when do we need to bake certain textures and how proper is cinema doing them ? Couldn't find a decent video other than the above one.
  9. Orphydian

    ProRender Tips

    FFS why they just dont partner with a mature production rendering company to offer a decent render already
  10. Orphydian

    ProRender Tips

    anyone really uses this for actual projects?
  11. is this released yet and its free ?
  12. https://area.autodesk.com/blogs/thebuzz/announcing-mudbox-20182-update-and-introducing-dynamic-tessellation/ Is it me or its the year of revived softwares or rather beating up dead horses - Lightwave, Silo 3D etc Mudbox is definitely something we havent heard in the recent years. Does this mean the end of efforts to fully integrate Mudbox tools into Maya ? I recall this being preview for Maya a couple of years ago.
  13. to me the mere non geeky user these seems like very simple, basic straightforward tools that can be easily scripted. Im not thinking of them like having years of development and research behind or requiring technology that doesnt already exist. Im pretty sure these are old as hell judging by the dated icons. Its more like a scrupulous engineer putted them in just in case . Still when you see them lacking in other software you start to think these guys at 3ds max really thought of everything back then. Makes you think where Max would have been if he got a minimum attention in development in his strong areas in the recent years. Blender has a free preferences addon -Loop Tools- that somehow resemble them but not quite and not all (ts in the extra addons section for a reason).
  14. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2018/ENU/3DSMax-Modeling/files/GUID-C1D508AB-A3E5-4965-AAE3-4FA5EC48CA75-htm.html Autoloop, Curve, Straight, Center, Space, Adjust loops etc. Very good for repairing topology. I only know about points to circle that is somehow similar.
  15. so is there a serious plugin setup for Maya to match 3ds max nondestructive modifier stack.? Otherwise I dont see how he could put Maya as a queen of modeling? The modeling tools themselves are a bit more polished for Maya today than the old max ones but it lacks this workflow. There is another plugin from the MASH creators -Mainframe called ProSets (its paid by now but I suspect it will be part of Maya) that plays with history but thats more a toy.
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