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  1. I drooled over RetopoFlow. I'm working on a project and don't have much time to learn Blender. After looking around a bit, I found Topogun. It does what Retopoflow does, if you were wondering. It's so simple. Made my life easy. I linked to a video in my previous post. Cheers!
  2. I'm not savvy on retopology but I just download a demo of Topogun and OMG! That "Tubes" tool is the best. All you have to do is draw a line across your mesh and it'll create polygons that are attached to the mesh. If you're on mac, you'll need a 3 button mouse or better gesture tool to pan. Lucky for me, I have a Wacom Intuos and I can customize the buttons. Anyways, if you're like me and you're not savvy on retopology tools, download a demo of Topogun and see for yourself. Cheers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EK7YLj1eTo
  3. That's amazing. One of the few industries, where you can come in, learn and with dedication and time become a badass in it. Great job man. Cheers!
  4. Thanks mate. This means a lot. I don't know if you remember, I joined c4dcafe about 6 months back when I just started with c4d and now I'm working as a 3D artist? UHHmazing? Yes. Thanks for being there to help us mate
  5. You're such a sweet guy. I think I'm going to take that approach and see where she goes. FYI: I charged my client $1000 for the model and I'm going to charge $300 to upload and finalized the job. Thanks @Igor for your time and suggestion.
  6. Hey guys, I wonder what you would charge to upload a model on the web (sites like modello, three.js, sketchfab, etc...) for a client? I modeled a server box + packaging box for a client and at first, their initial intent was to use high fidelity renders on their website, so I provided necessary files. They now want to have an interactive 3D viewing of the model on their website, and they're having trouble doing so on their own. They would like to know how much I would charge them to complete this task. Let me know some of your thoughts, hope
  7. I am so sad to hear this (crying face)
  8. MAXON should buy Insydium and make it part of the basic installation for R20.
  9. I don't know if this will answer your question but i hope it helps somewhat. What i attracted me to using game engines was their visual quality. After watching the above video a few times, i was hooked. But after some research and advices from @Cerbera i've come to a realized that it's all possible inside C4D (smh). More to your question, I think the native C4D renderer handles PBR materials very well and there are plenty of third party renderers like Arnold or Vray or Octane that will do just the same. For me, i was able to get what i wanted from Unity by simply increasing my FPS to 30 from 2
  10. @Cerbera, you always have the best answers. If i could give you a thousand likes for taking the time to give me a thorough answer, i would. Your answer, not only exceeded my expectations, but also made me want to push my hardware to the max. Thank you so so much. You're the man. I hope you don't mind when i tag you in topics like these, i just know what i'm going to get.
  11. Hey beloved CG artists, i have a "noob" question i want to ask you all. I understand that softwares like Unity and Unreal Engine are for mainly gaming. But after watching "Adam" (see below) I wondered if i can use it (it being, Unity 5) for animation. The reason why i'd even think that is simply because i like the "realistic" look and feel that was achieved by the Unity Team. So my question is the following: Can one get the same look and feel achieved in said video using C4D and Arnold? And what is this "real time" rendering everyone is talking ab
  12. You really hit it on the nail Dan. Can't thank you enough!
  13. i realized people were doing (mastered) this in 2012 and im just getting started (sad face)
  14. Thanks Dan, speaking of which, i recently saw a video showing Zbrush's polygon reduction. Have you used it before? Could this be a workaround polygon pen retopo? And i'm going to assume you use a pen tablet, correct? If yes, do you think there's much difference between intuos draw and the pro versions except the extra buttons? Thanks @Rectro Side question Dan, why do you think Zbrush is preferred over C4D sculpt? All i gather is the amount of brushes, Zbrush has over others. Is that such a big deal? Are brushes just a quick fix as in an add-on or something? Just wondering.
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