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  1. Ok no problem, your informations are already very useful! :) Thank you so much! I will work on it and follow your advice! I'll be back if I will have other issues ( which probably will happen -.-' ) Jess
  2. Thank you for your help! I will definitely get rid of the GI first. But in this case which one should be better between physical and standard? The physical one, for what I've read, has better result with transparency and reflection, but in my case I don't have transparency. I do have a gold metal material tho. Also, is it normal that the render process is taking 3/4 days? Thank you again for your patience! :) really appreciated! Jess
  3. Hi people! I'm back! :D Sorry in advance for my probably stupid questions, just trying to figure out how C4D works. This is the situation: I have to print a huge banner (from 3m x 3m to 10m x 10m ) and I've done a 3D image of a gold world using a bump map for the continents. I've tried to learn more about rendering but I'm still learning: so after a while I found that the only solution to have a high quality image that can be printed in a big scale is to render using a tiled camera at 72 dpi using 120000 px. I think this is crazy tho, cuz it takes ages and I'm not actually sure it can be done. Does anyone ever render using so many pixels? Is there any way I can optimize the rendering process? I'm working on reflection depth, GI, and trying to understand if it's better use physical or standard render (I know physical is slower but I also found that in some case can give good results in a shorter amount of time). I appreciate any kind of advice :) Thank youuu! Jess
  4. not really =( I've just started working with Cinema4D. Can be something related to that? I will try to understand them in case.
  5. coming back again! I've used an image 21000 X 10800 px and 72 dpi: the image itself is perfect, I zoomed in in photoshop and even at 200% looks really nice. Once I use that image for the bump and I render my file, it looks horrible! Very low quality! I thought to create a kind of bump, using a texture of 300 dpi and repeating that inside the shape of the continent with the size of 3 m x 3 m but at this point, I'm not sure it will work: is that a very stupid idea? =(
  6. ok I will try now! Thank you very much! I'll probably be back with the same issue (because my inexperience) but it's already something I can change =)
  7. Thank you for the answer first! =) I'm using a 300 DPI image for the Bump, but the size of the image is not enough I think. Is it possible, if I can ask, to use a vector image for the bump? would that work better? or is the same, as C4D works in Pixel actually... ?!?!
  8. Hi all! Thank you for accepting me! :) I;m kind of desperate at the moment! -.-" I'm new to C4D, I'm still learning but I'm working on a project that has to be ready for tomorrow (I know, that's very bad) and I've got a huge problem! Basically I created a world gold with a gold bump of the continents and it looks pretty good... however I have to print it 3mx3m and when I render it the quality is very low! I tried everything: increasing the DPI; changing the size; using a high resolution image for the bump... but nothing work! I already rendered other parts of the project that don't have the bump and the quality is really good! Any ideas why the render for the bump element is so low quality?? Thank you in advance! =)
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