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  1. Hi all, The Foundry just posted a new video from SIGGRAPH where Aghiles Keffeche, CTO from 3Delight, presents some new developments of the 3Delight renderer including Cinema 4D integration. Check it out here: Best regards /Filip
  2. Hi all, I am happy to announce a new plugin I have been working on for quite a long time: 3delight for Cinema4D (3DLfC4D), a rendering bridge between C4D and the amazing 3Delight renderer from Illumination research (www.3delight.com). I have developed this plugin for use in my own personal projects, but I have now decided to make it available as open source. Some feature highlights: -Render C4D scenes with 3Delight, a production ready renderer used on several hollywood productions. -Physically plausible rendering with OSL shaders. -Based on the new NSI (nodal scene interface) technology from Illumination research. -The 3DLfC4D comes with its own API, and is designed to be extensible by 3rd party developers. Feel free to try it out if you are interested! To use it, follow these steps: -Download and install the 3Delight renderer from www.3delight.com, Illumination research offer a free version with unlimited features, but restricted to rendering with 12 cores. -Download the 3DLfC4D plugin from https://github.com/FMalmberg/3Delight-for-Cinema-4D (See the "releases" page for downloads). Current version is windows only, and should work with C4D versions 17-19. The download contains four c4d plugins (3DLfC4D, 3DLfC4D_geometry, 3DLfC4D_lights, 3DLfC4D_shaders) . Place all of them in your C4D plugins folder. Note that the current version of the C4D plugin is a pre-release version, so be prepared that it is still a little rough around the edges. The plugin is under active development, so feedback and feature suggestions are welcome! /Filip
  3. Hi,Some time ago, I was reading this article about the DeltaMush deformation algorithm developed at Rythm and Hues:Mancewicz, Joe, et al. "Delta Mush: smoothing deformations while preserving detail." Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Digital Production. ACM, 2014.Looking at the equations, I realized that the algorithm, while already quite straightforward, could be simplified further and still give equivalent results. To test my ideas in practice, I implemented the simplified algorithm as a Cinema 4d plugin. I have now decided to release this plugin for free, it is available here:https://github.com/FMalmberg/DeltaMushC4dFor those not previously familiar with the DeltaMush concept, see e.g. this demo video from Rhythm & Hues:https://vimeo.com/103854005Enjoy!/Filip
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