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  1. Hi, I have been looking about for a while for a solution to this. Hopefully, someone here knows what I'm missing. So I have been playing about with smoke in xParticles for a while. It's pretty great. But what I can't seem to control is the life of the smoke. I am trying to make some smoke follow a path for a client. Which is in itself quite difficult. But I think I have a workable solution for that (pretty much just making it follow a tube with wind maintaining the movement, if anyone has a better solution I'm all ears!) But the problem I can't seem to solve and have had several times is increasing the life of the smoke. It just fades out too early and doesn't reach the end of the path. They want fine whispy smoke like from a cigarette. So I cant just make a mad fire. I tried setting a negative value for Smoke Dissipation but the results are weird. Any help or confirmation it cant be done would be great! Thanks, Robin
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