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  1. I'm not a good scripter, to be more detailed i'm not one at all! so i make my little scripts using script log. Very handy! I like to speed my workflow as much as i can making this kind of scripts. I have quite a lot of them.
  2. This is so very, very simple script (if it can be called a script) . But it would be great if someone wrote a script to move all selected verts to the extreme right or left vertex. This would greatly speed up the poly modeling workflow. Modo Example: https://imgur.com/a/MwQ8W
  3. I make very simple scripts to align edges and verts to certain axis (X,Y,Z) selection and world. I hope it will be useful Anim gif: https://imgur.com/a/RcdTB Scripts: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PlPVG5ktK8GP240KCzvP1NLyFExLiY2p/view?usp=sharing
  4. I use mesh checker fix some problems and 'align normals' works fine. Apparently to use "Align Normals' tool mesh must be 100% error free. Thank You for help!
  5. Trying to align all polygons. Anim gif: https://imgur.com/a/qZb8x
  6. Hey, thanks for the reply. Plugin "Select by normal direction" dont work :/ Maybe it is possible to write python script who would do it? I'm not a scripter so maybe someone here would do it? It will be great time saver!
  7. Hello. I am looking for a script that will allow you to select only inverted polygons in the object. Often the function "Align normals' does not work as it should and i mus select all inverted polys by hand and use 'Reverse normals' tool. Maybe some of you have such a script? thanks!
  8. Hello, It is possible to create new Material preset library (lib4d) without tex folder in it? I created many materials with lot of textures from my hard drive and lib4d file is over 12gb. Texture files are on the same partition as the lib4d file. I set Asset paths in preferences to texture folder in hd. Thanks!
  9. Thank You very much!
  10. Hello, I need a little script to toggle on/off Gouraud Shading (lines/ without lines). I'm not a good scripter, to be more detailed i'm not one at all! So i need Your help! Thank you in advance :)