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  1. radion

    Make Planar macro/script

    Yes i know we can but i'm a macro guy :D
  2. Hello. I want to create little python script (macro) to make polygon selection planar. I select some polygons, align workplane to selection and now i need python command to set WORLD size Y axis to zero. I have no idea about python or making scripts and I am asking you for help :) Anim gif: https://imgur.com/a/BvqS1i3
  3. When i connect object (with groups and hierarchy...) still i have lag :/
  4. I did the test. SDS with groups in it have viewport lag. But when i select all object in "MAIN" group and do "Connect object" there is no lag in viewport. https://imgur.com/a/NRzHlkG
  5. Is it possible to copy pivot (axis) position and use it in another component selection? For example I select some polygons and move along their normals. Then I want to use exactly the same pivot position to move another polygons or points/edges.
  6. radion

    Select every other edge ?

    Super useful! Thanks!
  7. Hello, It is possible in C4D to select object under mouse cursor? If not, it is possible to write script who will do that? for me and maybe for others it would be big time saver!
  8. not really. For me two is minimum.But, with my graphics card, there should be no problem for the program with this amount of polygons.
  9. Level 2 I turn off sds when modeling, but sometimes i must see sds mesh. And then i have this lag :/
  10. 2xSymetry, 2xSDS and Hair object with instances. But even when i turn off hair object lag is still there. 110 - objects Only when i turn off SDS lag is gone
  11. No Solo Mode is off. But in Solo Mode i have lag almost every time with every object. I dont know it is c4d bug or what....
  12. With SDS about 85000 polys. But for test purposes i created object with almost 30 milion polys and there is no lag at all with 50 fps. I the cyborg scene i have lag with 85k polys. And i have good gfx kard (GTX 1080)
  13. With AA or without AA is the same. I run clean c4d (no scripts, plugins and default preferences) and its still the same lag problem.