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  1. thats the problem i'm having. it's all one mesh. am I able to select the controller for the object and add that under the corresponding part? for example in my rig I have the left and right leg but i HAVE THE CONTROLLERS FOR THE KNEE, heel, toe, etc... can i add those controllers to it by selecting it in my viewport and clicking add? idk if i can because when i click the controller and click back on cmotion it deselects and goes back to the root.
  2. Hey peeps, So i'm using cmotion to create this walk cycle.. we all know how c-motions starts out with just the sliding and bobbing of the root and the legs. i'm trying to add in some toe curves and animate the heels as well? I watched this tutorial of this guy who's doing exactly what i'm trying to do, but it's in another language so i'm having trouble figuring out how he did it. It look's like he's clicking on the joing and then adding it to the cmotion chain which will allow you to animate it from there, but everytime I click a joint the c-motion window just disappears. i started to get the curving of the foot with the controls pannel under the leg joint but when i try to rotate the heel the number seems to jump back to where it originally was so I can't rotate it? I also can't find any of my keyframes under the animation layout? smh the key doesn't show on the timeline but it's still animating. please help. here's my file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iZ4h_Qo_Lw1n-D5TCubsXs2VgRCkJiwT/view?usp=sharing
  3. Yo! so i'm trying to manually animate a walk cycle for a character.... I'm having some trouble keeping up with the animation timeline? because i have to set animation for each leg and joint and it seems to be on it's own timeline? Is there a way I can manually animate without having to set individual keyframes within the timeline for each joint? like can i use one button to key in everything?
  4. So, i'm trying to motion track a running crowd onto some video footage I recorded of a landscape? Is there anyway to do this in c4d r17 with mixamo? I want them to fall and stumble over each over as well?
  5. Anybody know a way to fix this, with my rig? I'm using C4D'S Character/ Biped. Untitled.mov
  6. Hey guys, i''m using C4D R17 so I don't have the mixamo rig under my character controller options. I know you can import mixamo animation and stack them on each other to create a sequence of actions. Is there's anyway I can do this with C4D's Biped rig? Like, animation presets / keyframes I could use?
  7. thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated.
  8. Yeah, I dived in and started messing with the weights, using the add/subtract and smooth tool. it's tedious but I was able to clean up the movement a great deal, thanks for the pointers on that. the parts of the mesh that are triangulated seem (to me) to be moving a bit better than the shirt. Is there a way to triangulate the shirt as well? if so do you think it would be worth it to do so?
  9. I've tried weighting...it's worked for getting out parts of the hair and face that are being pulled along with the joints but not really for the way the mesh of the shirt clashes when folded upon itself. Below i've provided a file to the project, hopefully someone can help me figure it out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13vuv6ifb9XaKUMKYjPKFqARd3zfO_4Rc/view?usp=sharing
  10. Hey peeps, so i'm trying to get my character to the point where I can animate it from within c4d? I'm having a major dilema thats driving me crazy, after going throught the process of rigging this thing, when I get to the animate tab and try to move things around the shirt and other things bend all out of whack......i'm fairly new to c4d. What have ai done wrong? is there an easier way I can go about animating this? i tried uploading to mixamo but i keep getting an error message.
  11. Well, do you think it would be possible to export the fbx from mixamo with the rig, re-texture my object, and then apply more animations from mixamo? am I making since?
  12. Under the mocap template I have the option to build out w/ daz, mixamo, motion builder...etc
  13. I do have a drop down for a mixamo rig though? I think...in the drop down where you'd find biped and advanced biped

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