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  1. Hey peeps, i'm trying to turn the hair simulation into a 3d model? Like I wanna remove the dynamics from it and make it stiff so that it just becomes what i would see in the render. is there any way to do that?
  2. as a beginner I read about so many topology tips on here but none of them really solidify it for me? Is there maybe like a cheat sheet or something, something with an exercise or like a template that a beginner could follow in topology and just create his own shape? lol, I need something to set the basics in stone for me. I have the hardest time with going about modeling the crotch area to look right, connecting the arms to the shoulders, and don't get me started with facial features......... i'm sad now.
  3. Are there any books out there that you guys would recommend for understanding topology?
  4. So i'm trying to start working on a character for a friend, I want to make sure I get the topology right on this as I good. It would be nice to get some feedback throughout the process? I'm taking what I know about topology already and trying to expand on that for best practices with animation. I started working on some pants...... Can you guys give me some pro's / con's to my modeling job so far? and maybe some guidance and suggestions? kashkarii.c4d
  5. hey guys, so i'm trying to do a simple character design for some, I'll be animating it as well. I just had a couple questions regarding simple character modeling to achieve this cartoon like style.... How much of this working is just having good topology? can I achieve such a style with just simple primitive shapes and still animate it? when making a model for animation do I need to have the body under the clothes if it's not showing? is it better for weighting that everything be created separately and not merged together? will adding thickness to the shirt effect the weighting when i go to animate?
  6. is there a way to make an object look like it's floating like bobbing up and down without using keyframes?
  7. Is it possible to do that with an older version of c4d? I don't have the volume mesher options.
  8. Up until he adds the color tile is what i'm looking for...how did he create that fluid like simulation just emitting off the spline? is it a tube with a bunch of sphere emitters coming off of it, inside a boole with a random effector or something?
  9. Hey peeps, Hope everyone's doing well. I've been trying to create INSTAGRAM filters recently, using this program called Spark AR? You can import your own 3d model which I'm making in C4D and upload it to their software. They have this "BoomBox" on their website as an example. I'm wondering how they get the shadow mat in their? Like how should I create that within C4D? It looks like there's 2 elements to it, the mat pass, and the actual texture for it? How should I go about doing that. Also how should I animate for export to Spark AR?
  10. Hey guys, I know Mixamo makes it pretty simple in the way that it allows you to auto-rig and add motion data from there catalogs. Is there any other way to import motion data that would be somewhat simple? or any other websites out there like mixamo?
  11. Hey peeps! so I've been working on my first character model. whenever I go to move his arms down to swing from side to side the model gets all of of wack. the right are specifically does it with the slightest of movement. I can't really figure out what's going on. anybody got some pointers. here's a link to my file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l-Uxu4IFIQSQZn6zAol5Oq4smqSJLouP/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hey guys! quick question! Does a character have to have arms and legs in order to rig with mixamo? Like a have a dog I want to rig, or like a character with just legs? or a flower that I kinda want to hop around or something?
  13. thats the problem i'm having. it's all one mesh. am I able to select the controller for the object and add that under the corresponding part? for example in my rig I have the left and right leg but i HAVE THE CONTROLLERS FOR THE KNEE, heel, toe, etc... can i add those controllers to it by selecting it in my viewport and clicking add? idk if i can because when i click the controller and click back on cmotion it deselects and goes back to the root.

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