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  1. I was looking into it and it looks like they unveiled octane x? which is supposed to be for macs
  2. Hey Peeps, I'm trying to figure out how to get started working with octane. I downloaded the demo version just to check it out, added it into the plugins section of c4d. Whenever I try to open the render window or I click on the cog wheel it's giving me this error message? Any ideas on what this means? I'm running on c4dr17 as well.
  3. I think i'm just having a hard time grasping the concept of how to unwrap the collar? everything else looks pretty ok to me. the collar just comes out as small bits and pieces? facemeshmixamo.c4d
  4. I have all of my parts still seperated? I thought it would make the uv mapping process easier for me? and i've had a hard time weighting everything when it's together. Does it make sense to do it this way are people doing that?
  5. never heard of the vamp thing! good looks. I'll be looking into it.
  6. I provided a screenshot of my problem. some of my uv maps came out separated? like chunks of my shoulder or like my collar came out in pieces? Is there a way to select them and rejoin those together? or should I just redo it and try less seperations?
  7. I tried adding it, but it didn't seem to help much. Any other suggestions?
  8. Hey guys, So I create this simple uv map for the face of my character. I uploaded the character without the textures to mixamo and had planned on just re -adding them back. Once I found the animations I wanted to use from mixamo and downloaded them, I tried to add the texture to the face but it comes out all wonky. They're the same shape so Idk what's going on. Anybody know what's going on? I provided some screenshots below.
  9. It looks like it's pulling the whole mesh over and not relaxing it? can you checkout my last comment?
  10. I'm so close lol! Now it's showing it but it doesn't seperate it ? Is it because of my selection? I have the middle head selection going all the way back down to the neck opening.
  11. Thanks for the help yall! So i got the generate uv tag to work...but my options are still greyed out.
  12. So the problem Lies within my texture itself?
  13. Any tutorial I watch they seem to not have the problem or just skip over it idk.
  14. Hey peps, I'm trying to generate the UV's for this head but my opetion to do so are all greyed out? I selected one line going down the middle just to test it out and i'm not having any luck, figuring out why my options are greyed out. I tried the generate UV thing within the tags drop down menu but that is greyed out as well? what am I missing here? I'm sure it's simple. headshouldersdread4.c4d
  15. Hey peeps, i'm trying to turn the hair simulation into a 3d model? Like I wanna remove the dynamics from it and make it stiff so that it just becomes what i would see in the render. is there any way to do that?
  16. as a beginner I read about so many topology tips on here but none of them really solidify it for me? Is there maybe like a cheat sheet or something, something with an exercise or like a template that a beginner could follow in topology and just create his own shape? lol, I need something to set the basics in stone for me. I have the hardest time with going about modeling the crotch area to look right, connecting the arms to the shoulders, and don't get me started with facial features......... i'm sad now.
  17. Are there any books out there that you guys would recommend for understanding topology?
  18. So i'm trying to start working on a character for a friend, I want to make sure I get the topology right on this as I good. It would be nice to get some feedback throughout the process? I'm taking what I know about topology already and trying to expand on that for best practices with animation. I started working on some pants...... Can you guys give me some pro's / con's to my modeling job so far? and maybe some guidance and suggestions? kashkarii.c4d
  19. hey guys, so i'm trying to do a simple character design for some, I'll be animating it as well. I just had a couple questions regarding simple character modeling to achieve this cartoon like style.... How much of this working is just having good topology? can I achieve such a style with just simple primitive shapes and still animate it? when making a model for animation do I need to have the body under the clothes if it's not showing? is it better for weighting that everything be created separately and not merged together? will adding thickn
  20. is there a way to make an object look like it's floating like bobbing up and down without using keyframes?
  21. Is it possible to do that with an older version of c4d? I don't have the volume mesher options.
  22. Up until he adds the color tile is what i'm looking for...how did he create that fluid like simulation just emitting off the spline? is it a tube with a bunch of sphere emitters coming off of it, inside a boole with a random effector or something?
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