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  1. update for you guys, I made no progress with this haha
  2. Hey, Any one know how to achieve these effects with glass. this style of multi colour refraction with a glass like material? Been trying to figure it out for a while, if anyone could point me towards a tutorial or material I would be very appreciative. . I don't have access to any rendering engines.
  3. if I could just get the camera measurements to measure up the same.
  4. thanks for this!!!! so I have changed to a4 pane to my measurements that are 314mm width, 270mm height. But now the camera is still the same measurements as a4. how do I change the measurements of the camera to match the pane.? thanks for your help. your saving me right now!
  5. That sounds like it could be how I could do it! but im so new to the kinds of tools that your talking about I don't know how to get the enable snap window open? would it be possible for you to send me the c4d file, then I could just change the pane size to my required size?
  6. how exactly would you snap it to the pane?
  7. yeah changing the viewport border may help, I cant seem to find the attributes menu though! any help?
  8. here's a copy of the render settings,
  9. Yes, I believe I’ve done that. The issue now seems to be matching those settings with the cameras. I think
  10. I have also tried setting the page spread as a background object, this works however I cant then pass objects through it!
  11. Hey guys, im a graphic designer, working on a publication. Im planning on importing the publication spreads that I design in indesign, into c4d as jpegs, so that I can layer 3d objects onto of the spread designs. the page measurements need to be accurate when I export from c4d so that the print is consistent. my current set up is having a pane, with the spread design mapped to it as a texture. I then have a camera directly above. However I can seem to make the spread fill the render port completely. I have my render settings as the exact measurements/dpi as my indesign file. Is there anyway to perfectly align the pane object and the camera so that the camera viewport is filled by 100% pane. I hope I have explained this properly il attach some screen shots
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