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  1. I can't seem to find any?
  2. Ah that would be so helpful. Attaching it here: Thanks so much! ABC.c4d
  3. Thanks this helped. things seem to act strangely still. the C seems to not want to touch the other object. Cant seem to figure out how to make them behave as if they are real objects.
  4. Hey all, this might be a super basic question but I'm new with C4D so still figuring things out. I am trying to add a rigid body tag to my C and a collider body to my B in this project, so that the C can fall with gravity and dangle. However every time I press play everything just moves all over the place. I have made sure that the letter forms are not touching however they still act as if they are? any ideas?
  5. Hey all, Are there any free resources for lighting presets/ pre built photo studios for c4d R21? A couple years ago I used the greyscale gorilla plug ins but I can't afford those at the moment. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  6. update for you guys, I made no progress with this haha
  7. Hey, Any one know how to achieve these effects with glass. this style of multi colour refraction with a glass like material? Been trying to figure it out for a while, if anyone could point me towards a tutorial or material I would be very appreciative. . I don't have access to any rendering engines.
  8. if I could just get the camera measurements to measure up the same.
  9. thanks for this!!!! so I have changed to a4 pane to my measurements that are 314mm width, 270mm height. But now the camera is still the same measurements as a4. how do I change the measurements of the camera to match the pane.? thanks for your help. your saving me right now!
  10. That sounds like it could be how I could do it! but im so new to the kinds of tools that your talking about I don't know how to get the enable snap window open? would it be possible for you to send me the c4d file, then I could just change the pane size to my required size?
  11. how exactly would you snap it to the pane?
  12. yeah changing the viewport border may help, I cant seem to find the attributes menu though! any help?
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