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  1. Seeing Two Helix's Under a Sweep.

    Thank you !
  2. Seeing Two Helix's Under a Sweep.

    Super, thank you! Could you explain me how did you do that? Regards!
  3. Seeing Two Helix's Under a Sweep.

    I do not have 'close spline' ticked...
  4. Seeing Two Helix's Under a Sweep.

    Thank you..., now I have this... I want to connect the points that are in the red circle and remove the diagonal line... How to do that... ? Thanks spline.c4d
  5. Seeing Two Helix's Under a Sweep.

    Hi, who can help me... I created two helix, I made them editable and and I select connect objects + delete to have a single spline. (I need it for an object to follow this spline) Now I want to adjust a bit the points..., but the problem is that I have one part with connected points and the other with disconnected points. I attached here example... Thanks! spline.c4d
  6. Car RIG - speed, steering, brakes

    Here it is: Also, what I noticed is that I add keyframe to Motor > Torque it works only in first 70 frames example.c4d
  7. Hello folks! I am a new user here, also a beginner in Cinema 4D. I followed a tutorial to learn how to rig a car, everything works fine, but one think I do not understand..., If I would to create a keyframe for speed, ( I would like the car to start after a few seconds ), the car does not start, if I move the keyframe to start from 150 to 70 it works..., if I move / create a keyframe after the 120F the car remain blocked... I want to create an animation with this care that start from a frame like 250F and go for a few seconds after it stop for a few seconds, again start, turn left / right..., but does not work... Who could help me. Here is the file attached: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zrDiuKtTS9pFSaO-gsMcyisaOATXe1mg Warm Regards!
  8. What I noticed is that I modify the Trigger ...... Immediately, set gravity to 0 in project settings and add Custom Initial Velocity, it works, but after several frames the bullet begin to fracture and looks broken before the impact... Here it is another example: It is possible the ball get fractured when hit the wall, not the floor? I uploaded here a file under 2mb as a test... Kind Regards! v f test.c4d How it works the Voronoi Fracture when set the Trigger > On Collision ?
  9. CBR, thank you for your involvement. I uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l1FzFWmQz8bCE1FGDl9KA8GS1C0TdXYQ What do you think?
  10. Thank you for your fast reply, I just tried but the bullet is still not moving.
  11. Hello Folks!, I want to create a slow motion break object. The scene will be: A bullet hits a glass. But I want the bullet to be made pieces instead of glass. I tried to apply the Mograph > Voronoi Fracture (+rigid body ) and in Dynamics > Trigger ....... On Collision, but the object remains static. Who can give me some advice ? Thank you!