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  1. Thanks, from what I read around I avoided booles like the devil and never use them but still there's a long way to go. I'll look at some more modelling tutorials and try something easier.
  2. Hi all, quarantine and all, it's time to work on some modelling so as a total noob I looked at some tutorials and started working on a rather simple aircraft. I have now reached a point where I have some questions on how to approach some modelling situations. First of all, are all vehicle/aircraft blueprints off? I found all those drawings with top, side, front views and even after i did some corrections in photoshop they would still be off here and there resulting in many problems and guessing. Subdivision messes up many parts and adding cuts somehow doesn't do the trick as in simple examples in tutorials. I tried weighting some edges but then it kinda defeats the purpose of adding subdivision as I remove most of its effects and arrive... at a stage like I never applied it. I guess it's a matter of experience to know where and how to apply cuts and weighting so is there some particular tutorial you guys recommend i could have a look at? Also, I created separate objects for many parts that are connected (for example wings, rear horizontal stabilizer, windshield) instead of making a base on the main body shape and extruding from there. This is particulartly visible at the intersection between body and wings, should I avoid this and go with one continuous piece or does it not make much difference in the end render? Finally, I avoid adding many cuts and lines so it doesn't make a mess to control later (and Subdivision Surface will fill these in later), should I add more cuts evenly spaced here (especially on the wings)? Am I going overboard with trying to control it all and actually losing detail and control? Thanks.
  3. Did everything that was done in that video EXCEPT working at the XZ axis for the helix and instead of spreading that rotation all along the sweep it was doing a sudden twist in two opposite edges. It looks great now! Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I'm a C4d noob trying to model a drill bit by sweeping a rectangle along a helix spline and although it starts sweeping fine, the rectangle soon kinda rotates around itself instead of having smooth rotations parallel to the center cylinder. Tried changing every parameter I could think of to stop this rotation but can't find a solution. What am I missing? Thanks. drill.c4d
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