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  1. Sorry that is is an old thread, but this is exactly what I’m look for also. I work doing volumetric analysis for earthworks and build 3D site models, fly a drone that gets the aerial imagery of the site, and we are also supplied with full 3D surveys of the existing site. What I am wanting to do is be able to take a hero image of the site and using the topo data, indicate multiple 2D points within the image and match them to real-world 3D coords to give me the correct camera location. Obviously being able to both import the real camera settings and have the software guess the setting for different cameras as per the current camera calibrator would be perfect! I could then import the output model from my software and it fit perfectly, and render the proposed over existing and have a client deliverable. As it stands I have demo’d everything from Agisoft Photoscan to PFTrack, 3DS Max etc... but what I am looking for almost seems to simple and therefore not supported by any of them! I don’t know if I am missing a really simple trick with this, but it seems like the ability to match a single frame to surveyed coordinate data is just not something that anyone does, but would be so beneficial for anyone doing ArchViz. Imagine being able to get a capture of Google Earth for example, be able to use a survey to identify 12+ points with real-world 3D coords and then simply drop in a model already geo-referenced. It sounds so simple that I cannot believe everyone doing ArchViz does it. Any help and guidance here will be greatly appreciated. Regards Ritchie



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