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  1. Ok, thanks for the help Cerbera and others, I see what you mean now.
  2. Hi Cerbera Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to type in which amount of degrees I want the object to be on. When I type in the values at the moment I can only type a value to move the object more or less, but not to a point I want it to be. I don't have a reference as to what degree of tilt the object currently has. Is there a way I can see this? Thanks
  3. I need to know if there is an easy way to get my object back exactly on a level working plane. I moved the object a few degrees to adjust something but have trouble to see if I have put it back exactly as it was. Is there something I can do to get the object back to exactly 0 degrees?
  4. Hello Sounds good Cerbera, I will give it a try later. Thanks!
  5. Hello I have to attach the bottom of a cylinder to the top side (centre) of a cube. The cylinder has 200 segments on the circumference and I have deleted the cap on bottom side . The cube is just a cube at this time. What is the easiest or best way to attach the cylinder to the top of the cube, bearing in mind I need the geometry to be attached and clean?
  6. Hey Liz That looks pretty much what I was looking for, thanks! I will give it a try later.
  7. Hello, I have a model which I need to cover evenly with dots, almost like a dalmatian dog. I would like the black dots on the white background to be uniform if possible (straighht up and down and across). Random and evenly covering the object would be ok too. The model I have is a bag. However if it is possible to demonstrate how to do this on a torus, that would be excellent. Or just explain the procedure... Thanks Allan
  8. Ok, thats good to know. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hello, I have model which I am going to 3D print. I wanted to know how the printer will print the model if say I gave the model 5 millimeters of wall thickness. Is the model going to be printed with the 5 millimeters of thickness I gave it or is the printer going to print it as a solid object regardless of the wall thickness? Thanks Allan
  10. Excellent, thanks for the replies. I had seen the cinevercity video a while back but still wasn't entirly clear on how the printer would print with or without thickness. Now I know... Thanks
  11. Hello I have a model which I am going to 3D print. I was told that the geometry of a model must have thickness before it can be 3D printed. So I have now created about 5mm of thickness in the walls of the model. I want to now know if there is a way I can arrange the geometry so that I can print the model as one whole object, so that there is no cavity or hollow on the inside of the model when 3D printing? Thanks
  12. Hello Thanks for the replies. What you mentioned worked well Cerebra. I can look at the other methods too when I have some time. Excellent, thanks
  13. Hello Thanks for the replies. I will go through them later. Hi bezo, I meant for example if I have polygons which are going to be the same colour but on opposit sides of the object, I have to select them individualy and then apply the colour on each side. I understand they are needed for reference, I just wondered if could I just drag and drop the colour onto a polygon without createing many texture tags.
  14. Hello I am working a model which has to have It's colour. When I am colouring a detailed area I am adding more and more texture/polygon selected tags even using the same colour. I just wanted to know if there is a way to colour an object without adding many texture and polygon selected tags? Thanks
  15. Excellent, I was able to move the image exactly where I wanted it. Thank you Rectro, much appreciated.
  16. Hello Thanks for the help with this. I tried what you both have shown me however I am not able to place the dot specifically where I want on the strap. I tried to project with flat frontal and the dot was placed over the entire object and I was not sure how to reduce the scale of the dot? I then tried to use the fit to region but the black dot multiplied and were equidistantly spread all over the object. Any ideas how to solve this? Allan
  17. Hello I am working on a model and need to know how to transfer an image to a specific area on my model? Basically I have to transfer a black dot (which will be the button) to the strap of a bag. It is more for presentation in this case. Thanks Allan
  18. Hello I am working on a model and I need to create thickness in the walls of the model. I have looked at two or three tutorials on the internet on how to do this and they looked really helpful. The only thing is the interface on R18 which I am using and the interface they were using in the tutorial videos is somewhat different. As a result I still have not been able to figure out how to do it. Can anyone tell me a procedure to do this on R18? Thanks Allan
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