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  1. Hey guys, Relatively new to Arnold here so I am extremely novice at learning the setups etc. I have been loving some aspects, but also been vexed by others. Usually, adding a label for me has been no issue- I've been able to get exactly what I want and not see any problems. For the first time, I have a project that has a label that is not entirely opaque. That is to say, part of the design has "shading" so it is not a clean cut logo. (For this example, Ive attached the bottle as it currently renders with a normal label, with a label duplicated x6 times in photoshop, and x10.) As you can see, as I bolden that part of the logo, it begins to show up in arnold. However, it really doesn't look as it should. It should look as it does in the photoshop layer that is not duplicated. Is there something I am missing that is translating 95% of the label exactly how I want, and leaving out that last 5%? I know you guys must get endless alpha channel questions... but in my case it *does* work.. just not all the way! Thanks! Tyler

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