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  1. Yes, I saw that this topic is in cgsociety, but this topic was not raised on c4dcafe. I attached a video, maybe it would better describe this issue. I really hope that this problem will be fixed in the near future
  2. Hi all. This bug occurs when I rename any objects and click in the window outside the text field. In this case the last active window is shown to me --> Google Chrome. In the video you can see that when I rename the object - Cinema 4D becomes inactive (White window). I heard that this bug is not observed in Windows 7 / 8.1 and some versions of Windows 10. At the moment I am experiencing this difficulty in the latest update of Windows, namely on "October Update 1809". Any idea how we can fix this issue? Thanks. Cinema 4D R20.057 / Windows 10 x64 October Update 1809 https://youtu.be/mtTngDfeEE8
  3. This issue was fixed by MAXON in R20.057. The same scene now works fine
  4. It doesn't always help, I also have a smaller 3D model that behaves the same way :/
  5. For some reason, when I try to extrude some things - it does everything in one step at 100cm, when I have to do it with 1cm or 10, but nevertheless, as I understood it depends on the size of the 3D model, and in fact also not always . Therefore, I would like to know whether it is possible to fix something like this. Snap is disabled, all settings are default. I will be very grateful for fix this annoying bug / glitch or I don’t even know exactly what it is.. Thanks EDIT : This thing also applies to Extrude Inner
  6. Unfortunately I do not understand anything in the code..
  7. Hello to all. Interested in solving the problem of snapping vertices to the world grid. Namely - I have too many coordinates of vertices with fractional numbers, for example, 45.4252 / 32.8049, 91.192, etc. How can I round them all to the nearest integer? I would be very grateful for the help in such. Thanks
  8. As I understand it, this is the only way. It is not clear why smooth does this when there are no next edges. But I hope someone will complement the methods of normal smoothing
  9. This is one way, thanks! Nevertheless, that part remains the same as it was, and I also need to move it, but only along the Y axis.
  10. Hi, quite often I come across this problem in Cinema 4D when I have to do landscapes. This is a typical landscape, and it has typical problems for me that I do not know how to solve. And they are connected with the topic that it is almost impossible to smooth the edges without losing the shape. Is it possible to limit the X Z axis? I want to smooth only the Y axis at the moment, and vice versa in other cases. I wanted to limit the editing of edges in a mesh in some way. I would appreciate any help. Thanks



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