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  1. Thanks for your advice. I really hope that the built-in bake in cinema 4d will be much better in future releases.
  2. Hi everyone. There is a mesh shown in the picture below. It will be in the future a high-poly model with small details in the style of sci-fi. However, so far I decided to check on a regular cube with smoothed edges There is also a cube which will be baked normal In the preview, I already saw that the baking is something wrong And Yes... It's not. The cube is flat and the normals for some reason "surround" Here's how it looks with the same texture Here's the UV from the baked cube In the method specified "Tangent", and I really need it because the basic normals are in tangent version. I tried a lot of things that did not solve anything So I decided to write here, because as I know - this problem in cinema 4d is a long time, and whether there are any analogues baking normals / AO / elevation maps and other things in Cinema 4d without third-party programs. Thanks!
  3. Hi all! I have a project in which all materials are called by default "material" with assigned numbering from 0 to 100 and sometimes more. In each of them I manually removed the path like ".stone/concrete/...." , and left only the name of the texture and .dds ( Can I also simplify this part automatically? ) What I want? Find out if there is any way to change the name of the texture in the name of the material without attribution .dds Question. How can this be done automatically? Thanks!
  4. Seems to be normal, but when it in renaming state - top title screen are inactive ( white )
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpTCQdbaggM partially fixed in r20.059, still no focus - but now when click out of the renaming field - cinema does not fold or focus on another last active window
  6. I allready reported but still no answer. Can you please report this issue too? Maybe with same reports we have better luck
  7. That's right, but i still dont understand why those polygons on my screenshot are "bad". I also tried to optimize mesh - still bad polygons. But when i create similar structure mesh - there's only are non-planar polygons, which can be fixed by triangulate mesh. That's very strange and I would like to fix it somehow
  8. I also tried to export fbx to 3ds max, and then import 3ds max's fbx into cinema 4d - still bad polygons but i dont know why that's happens
  9. Another strange mesh here. Initially, bottom polygons also were non-planar, but now they are labeled as bad polygon for some reason. Why triangles marked as bad?
  10. Yes, it is really very strange.. Your fix fixes problems, and the last message solves this problem completely. Initially, these polygons were non-planar, but now they are labeled as bad polygon.. Also I’m wondering for what reasons the same file created in the same version of cinema 4d r20.057 but on a different operating system, namely windows 8.1 showed everything is fine. Still thank you for helping with this very strange issue
  11. UPD : When changing angle smooth to zero - but that's not solution - edges are shown normally. For some reason, edge break phong does not infuse the render result
  12. Hi all, I find more and more flaws in the version of R20 under windows 10, which was not when I was on windows 8.1. The problem is that the render on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 looks different. Unfortunately, I can’t show how it was rendered in Windows 8.1, but in my opinion in Windows 10, for some reason, it looks like it sucks. To make sure of this - take a look at these screenshots. That's how geometry looks in the "raw" viewport That's how it's look in the "standart" render with default settings I don’t understand for what reasons the other edges are displayed more normally, but there wasn’t such a problem on Windows 8.1 as I recall. Maybe I will convince myself to go back to this operating system, because I met a lot of bugs during the time I switched to Windows 10. Unfortunately, I can’t show specific comparisons, but the scene doesn’t look like it was in 8.1 imho. Moved this geometry to a separate scene. No result Issue.c4d
  13. Also, mouse wheel scrolling in the context menu of the RMB polygon mode does not work



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