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  1. I also have a lot of fbx with different animations. How can I combine them all into one timeline / different takes?
  2. Hi there! I have a ready rig with ready animations, but here I need to do only rotation of the ready animation. So I'm looking for a way to do rotation / scaling of the finished animation with rotation or scaling changes on all keyframes. The first thing I found was "Animation Mode". It can move the ready animation, and it looks pretty good. But I do not have the ability to scale or rotate the joints, but I really need it. Is it possible to edit rotation / scaling of the finished animation on all keyframes? Thanks
  3. About 45 degrees of distortion I know, but Relax UV making for ready UV is much easier than doing the projection, select cut, and then pin vertices to polygons to remain in their place When I upload a screenshot via "paste" - it's loaded many times longer, and sometimes it does not appear in the "attachments", and when I insert it again - it appears, and after the publication of the post I see duplicates of this image. It's a little annoying that there is no when I paste pictures with hosting Imgur
  4. Yeah!) For some reason I have problems with embedding images via c4dcafe embedding, so I'm using imgur for now
  5. Hello. I've been looking for some way in C4D to create a quick UVW in realtime to create levels and other stuff. And I basically found it - when I apply material to a mesh - I give it a cubic projection in material atributes, and all the polygons present in the mesh generate just divine UV in the preview. But there is one problem - I do not know how to bake "material UV" in UVW tag, because what I get through UVW Tag --> Set From Projection is not the same unfortunately.. And here are two screenshots that I get with UV Material scan and scan that I get after generating UVW With Cubic UV Projection in Material And from UVW Tag --> Set From Projection There is only one question. How to make UV Material to bake in the UVW? In fact Cinema 4D lacks the tools with UVW for excellent work, for example when you continue the UV polygon with the same scale and continuation as in the selected polygon. But this can be done mostly only in game editors like Source SDK Hammer Editor or ProBuilder in Unity. So yeah, I really hope that this is something you can do, as this will greatly facilitate the work in creating a very huge blockouts and overall mesh. Thanks
  6. By the way why Cinema 4D is still impossible to draw the primitive with the mouse? Without plugins of course
  7. In the same way in Photoshop to transform the default was not binding proportions, but with Shift it was on. In R21 on the contrary - initially with proportions and with Shift it is switched off. Many even in the new update Photoshop did not like that the default proportions are attached, but in the update they made the choice tick " revert proportional transform"
  8. ... and rotation sensitivity to higher But in general the problem is that cursor does not disappear, and it seems strange, because in the R20 seems to be same intensity of rotation, but I can twist the UV as much as I want moving the mouse endlessly 3NDSEYLfRx.mp4
  9. Don't know whether it is possible to change intensity of the transparency in a selection of UV polygons, but I would like it lower
  10. Can you tell me where it is in more detail? I can't find this option now The Node Space it is advisable to make the option off, because personally for me and probably for many it does not make sense. Perhaps it will be useful for some tasks, but I have it takes up too much space I would have complained on the performance drop of fps in R21 ceased to be smooth and for me personally it felt. On the R20 such a problem was not here and everything is good
  11. The first thing I note - does not work ProRender, it simply is not present. In R20 I have it and it works fine. I have now GTX 1050Ti but I have enough performance with it, I don't think it's her because ProRender not only works in R21 Met couple of man which have such same problems, but not clear on what reason he is missing. Okay, moving on. The second place is pure taste, but I'll leave it here. The dark theme made me happy, but color of the object is disgusting. I tried to always avoid it, and I prefer the standard previously in all Cinema 4D - Gray-Blue, instead of 60% gray, which is now as DEFAULT in R21. Most likely I will have to create a startup file, eh. Always avoided it, by the way why in project settings - edit - set as default is unavailable? Also in the new R21 appeared microstutters when one takes something in empty scene. I do not know what yet is, but fps is unstable and uneven. FPS in cinema 4d r20 is much higher. In comparison I in empty scene get ~700-900 fps, when in r21 ~300-500. It's still a huge fps but it's unstable. In addition in R21 HUD I can't disable the display of "Camera" in viewport. When I create a new scene, it appears again. If you thought it was all - you're wrong Bold in Cinema 4D does not work on the interface. The activation of the checkmark is visible only in the viewport Also I would like to know whether it is possible to disable this incomprehensible & useless option? That's all I managed to discover to date, I hope in the future MAXON will be fixed and be stable. So far I will stay on R20 because there I have ProRender, smooth fps, and no major bugs that are described above, including the camera which returns in viewport when you create a new document, and 60% gray color instead of gray-blue. Thanks for attention
  12. Hi all! I have a project in which all materials are called by default "material" with assigned numbering from 0 to 100 and sometimes more. In each of them I manually removed the path like ".stone/concrete/...." , and left only the name of the texture and .dds ( Can I also simplify this part automatically? ) What I want? Find out if there is any way to change the name of the texture in the name of the material without attribution .dds Question. How can this be done automatically? Thanks!

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