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  1. VanderAGSN

    Quantize all vertices to integer number

    Oh, thanks you!! You're my hero
  2. VanderAGSN

    Quantize all vertices to integer number

    Can anyone help please?
  3. VanderAGSN

    Quantize all vertices to integer number

    Unfortunately I do not understand anything in the code..
  4. Hello to all. Interested in solving the problem of snapping vertices to the world grid. Namely - I have too many coordinates of vertices with fractional numbers, for example, 45.4252 / 32.8049, 91.192, etc. How can I round them all to the nearest integer? I would be very grateful for the help in such. Thanks
  5. VanderAGSN

    Smoothing tool constraint in Sculpting

    Unfortunately - Nope UPD : Worked strangely
  6. VanderAGSN

    Smoothing tool constraint in Sculpting

    As I understand it, this is the only way. It is not clear why smooth does this when there are no next edges. But I hope someone will complement the methods of normal smoothing
  7. VanderAGSN

    Smoothing tool constraint in Sculpting

    How could I forget for it.. Thanks!
  8. VanderAGSN

    Smoothing tool constraint in Sculpting

    This is one way, thanks! Nevertheless, that part remains the same as it was, and I also need to move it, but only along the Y axis.
  9. Hi, quite often I come across this problem in Cinema 4D when I have to do landscapes. This is a typical landscape, and it has typical problems for me that I do not know how to solve. And they are connected with the topic that it is almost impossible to smooth the edges without losing the shape. Is it possible to limit the X Z axis? I want to smooth only the Y axis at the moment, and vice versa in other cases. I wanted to limit the editing of edges in a mesh in some way. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  10. Oh, thanks dude! I figured it out, and now everything is fine! Thank you very much for the help!)
  11. Oh.. How you do that? Can you make video to this please? As how i see in your C4D here is Nitrobake. So maybe you do this with this plugin, i dont have it i guess
  12. Yeah, but it's really long.. So maybe i can somehow snap joint to each vertex from the mesh?
  13. I need to use this flag in Source Engine. For this game engine this PLA or Vertex Cache are not similar technology as knowed - Morph Poses and it's all. So, i really need to translate this model from point / vertex animation to joint animation
  14. Hi all. I'm doing different models, but today I had to simulate the flag, and in addition give it wind animations. The wind I generated with the "cloth tag", but the problem is that for games this can not be suitable for the reason - there are no bones or joints. On Maya, I saw that someone was translating every vertex of 3d model into a joint, and then in this way it was possible to create a skeletal animation. But I can not imagine how to do this in Cinema 4D. Maybe on XPresso i can do this, but I know it bad, although they say that you can make a lot of things from it. Or maybe there is an easier way. In general, I have a lot of PLA animations that need to be translated into skeletal. So maybe you tried to help me with this - I would be very grateful for this help. Thanks!
  15. VanderAGSN

    Bevel / Extrude / Inner Accuracy Issues

    That's right, there are no problems for this operation, but extrude works very badly. All problems are similar to Cinema 4D, which I was surprised. However, if result is the same - then I will work in a more pleasant environment for me - in Cinema 4D.