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  1. Ah thankyou, I thought the character would be too much lol thankyou for your time! I'll see what I can do :)
  2. Hey guys, I've just started trying to learn how to rig using the character object. Ive lined the Spline Components with my character and now want to start animating however, when I click the animate tab my character changes and isn't as smooth. Ive added a subdivision surface to my character but it does nothing. Another problem is when i go to to animate the arms under 'steps' or 'Path' they completely change position (example screenshots) Heres a link to the file - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vxf0D5X5oOnpVPrVrp8OH_TN-i_Gc-LT/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hey guys, I'm attempting to learn how to rig for a personal project. Ive set the character object in line with what I want to rig, however when I try to animate it or even 'Add walk' only the skeleton moves. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thank-you! Sorry file is too large to share, here's a google link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zQCl7Ih7JRabsUZD_4QQqOLfhmSDGQTf/view?usp=sharing
  4. Thankyou for everyones help! I didn't need the SSS and changed to standard render and the frames now render in 56secs
  5. @Fastbee I did play with the Depth of Field but did undo it all; there's graffiti on the back wall near the bridge and deleted some of that as there was too much
  6. thank you @BigAl3D those textures would be graffiti on the walls near the bridge; im not sure what SSS is lol (new to this) but my guess is that it would be the texture for the buildings or the road maybe. Luckily I duplicated the file when the rendering times were low so I've had a play with that and its rendering fine atm so not sure what went wrong with the linked one, thank you for your help! Means a lot :)
  7. Hey guys, So I've been working on a personal project for Easter and my first render was 6 mins per frame, however I removed some items that wasn't needed and now the render time is an hour per frame Here is a download link for the file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wmiUkVmWpY_fVBTt9cB-UvHQD9UHQy60 Any ideas on what it could be? thanks! :)
  8. Ah this is strange, does frame 150 also render fine? I moved the camera slightly from 77 and it didn't appear black, but does it again after frame 150. In the end I started again on a new file, didn't do it as much but sorted it with different camera angles to stop it. I think its either the Psychical sky or grass...as when the camera in my new file would be shot towards the sun, it would go black but still render some of the grass . Thanks for your tips! Will take them on board :)
  9. File is too large to upload lol this link should allow you to download it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_drRg-u4tEzauXJvMklQpYb7j_asD2wq/view?usp=sharing Thankyou for that advice! ill do that from now on :)
  10. Hi guys, Ive just started rendering with very basic settings (see screenshot) to keep the time low as possible; it started fine but when it got to frame 77 the screen just turned black, but still had taken the same amount of time to render. At first i thought it could be an accidental time frame of something covering the camera but that wasn't the case. I've also disabled every object one by one but it still is black. Any ideas on what it could be? EDIT: I have moved the camera around and in some areas it renders fine but in others it doesn't.
  11. Thankyou for your help and the file! Ill try this method, and see what happens :)
  12. Hey guys, In an animation I'm putting together I need a box to move around as if something is inside of it and wants to come out. In the end the box top opens so the thing inside escapes. For the box I have separated the surfaces and used joints to animate it for when it opens up. I was planning on using the Rigid body on the box and the Collider body on floor, so then I could enable the rigid body at certain times so it would slightly bounce around when I animate it. However when doing this the box just falls through the floor, I have tried adding the rigid body on ea
  13. Sorry about the late reply! thanks for your time and help, its all sorted now
  14. Hey Guys! So i've made a massive mistake of deleting two image files while in safe mode on my mac to free up some space. When I came back to my animation project the two textures were missing and the objects appeared black. I could try and find these files on google again but could take me a long time and be inaccurate... any advice on how to gain these images (PNG) back? I restored the computer a while back but it doesn't seem to have restored my downloads so the images are not on there. Thanks for your time! Katie
  15. Ah I see, Ill look at optimizing it. Thankyou for your time and help :)
  16. ok, here are some that have rendered so far...I understand the explosion taking a lot longer than the others as a lot more is happening
  17. ah i see, it could be that. The file is too large to upload unfortunately. Thank-you for your time and help anyway! :)
  18. This is my AA settings. There is no xpresso file, im using the typical cinema 4d render that comes with the program. There are dynamic body expressions, but they don't take place until half way through the animation and no plugins.
  19. Hey Guys, So I'm working on an animation; when doing my test renders to check the animation, the frames would take about 40secs to render, but it has now gone up to 20 mins. I've tried changing my render settings in hopes it reduces time but no luck. The animation has a few mountains with a snowy skin, a sky, environment and a jet with reflections and glow effects. These are my settings, any advice on how to lower render times? Its been rendering for over 52 hours now and not even half way yet...
  20. Thankyou! knew it would be something simple haha
  21. Hey Guys, I have an animation that is rendering in grey, not picking up any of the colours at all. Ive added screenshots of the render and my settings as I cant figure out why it is doing this. I tried changing the project settings as I believed that would be it..but no luck. Any suggestions would help! Many thanks, Katie
  22. I think you could be right! ill try that! thank you :)
  23. Hello, I'm not sure how I've done this; i'm currently working on a project and when I save and close it, the file duplicates. It does this with projects that I work on for a while and was wondering how to stop it, as it takes up a lot of storage space. I am working in Cinema 4d. Thank-you, Katie
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