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  1. Is it possible to rig a obj? i have a hand an wrist I need to rig but I have never rigged one ever I have a hand and wrist model just dont know where to start. I just need to pose the model i have.
  2. i figured out a way once i click the connect obj delete i can generate a uv tag
  3. I even removed the disk and created the logo with polypen and go to uv edit and there are no uvs it wont even allow me to use any uv tools
  4. I have created the disk 5 times still the same issue and the uv on shows for the disc on connect object delete @Cerbera
  5. I created my logo in the front view using the polypen and a tube the tube shows uvs in editor but the logo built using polypen does not I have tried connecting and make it editable the extrude also seems to offset in different direction @Cerbera logo.rar
  6. @Cerbera I updated version in profile and i used flat projection yes I am wanting to use a metal texture
  7. Ok so i though i had my model done but I need to add uv and texture I went in to uv editor and this is what I saw :-( and now I am worried my model is useless
  8. Im gonna work on it some more but yea it will stay flat but im gonna make it better.
  9. @Cerbera I did it it turned out really nice
  10. @Cerbera I was up late watching vids and cam across this one and I get it now thanks for the direction an help
  11. Thank you.. so what is the best use of the polygon pen i see it has points edges and polygons what best to the others serve?
  12. because the background you have is not the same as my logo I tried to overlay it on my logo and it in Photoshop and it didn't match
  13. @Cerbera check it out :-) I think I figured out most but cannot get the edge loop right to keep shape an not sure how to extrude it 3d-skull.rar
  14. yea Im use to maya had no issues there



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