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  1. BhavanaFibo

    Generating Random Motext as objects

    Hi westbam, nice to see your name here again…comforting. a couple of things: You're right, my understanding of the 'hierarchy of operations' and the nomenclature for articulating it is still taking shape, I knew it was wrong to write it that way, but suspected it may be part of my problem in how I was thinking through it. I did watch and geek out on the Tut you linked, but no, this is not a solution to my goal. Since I'm trying to generate the number, let's say, at the top of the frame, and have them drop onto a conveyor belt what I ended u[ doing was hand creating 200 motext items and put them in a cloner, then made the emitter and object of the cloner (hope I worded that clearly), it worked. I em entirely unsatisfied by the odd behaviour of ANY of the Seeds, because it will repeat, for example, the exact same number, 3 times in a row, frequently, and hunting for the 'seed' that doesn't generate a predictable pattern takes too much time for it to be a useful solution. I REALLY wan there to be a solution in Xpresso, as 1: it just makes so much 'procedural' sense AND in would REALLY help me once the numbers are generated, to 'sort' them into quantity range categories and then animate the resulting groups. All of that written, I am genuinely thankful for your response, but also for your commitment to this community, I can only imaging the time it takes and I'm impressed. I can't wait until I am able to pay it forward as it were. I am having a terrific time learning C4D though, really, TERRIFIC.
  2. Good morning/afternoon/evening C4DCafe Community: Help please—and thank you. I am trying to present/generate/emit single MoText or Spline Text numbers/objects (b/w .01¢ and $9.99) and have each one of the 'numbers' be part of a animation I'm making (dynamics to be applied to each). I need them to appear in a random order and currently I can only get the emitter to 'emit' in the exact same sequence every time. I know I am missing some very basic step, but that is why I am asking for help. I have tried every obvious choice, to no avail as the techniques I'm using are not working. -I have tried creating MANY MoText objects, placing them in an emitter, and then placing the emitter in a Random effector. -I have tried creating MANY MoText objects, placing them in a Cloner, and then placing the Cloner in both: a Random effector and an Emitter. -I have tried several other, upon reflection, spasticly selected 'configurations' as well...this is how I knew it was time to reach out. Again, thank you in advance for any pointers.
  3. BhavanaFibo

    How to fix the axis for clones

    DeCarlo and Mister Westbam, While I'm still keenly interested to get my arms around Xpresso as a solve for this design challenge as it seems perfectly suited, I was able to get the cloner/plain effector to do the job, even if with a bit of brute force. C'est la vie., Thanks again.
  4. BhavanaFibo

    How to fix the axis for clones

    Cool, The NAB C4D Live presentation is going on now, I'll try this right away, afterwards. Additionally, thanks for taking your time to think through and share—I appreciate it.
  5. BhavanaFibo

    How to fix the axis for clones

    DeCarlo and westbam, a few things: DeCarlo—thank you, Mister Westbam—dank je. In Order, DeCarlo, I am excited by the prospect of using XPresso to solve this problem as it seems like a perfect, programmatic problem. I'm experimenting but currently know too little to even get close to my desired outcome. Any pointers? As far as your observation regarding rows 2-5, cubes 6-25, I think you're right, I finally punted and decided that would be the most time-efficient, but I'm bummed that I cannot do something like: create a plane, assign location coordinates to each width & height segment and then place a cube at each 'address' in a sequntial manner. For Mister Westbam's comments: thank you for directing me to the plain effector, I am experimenting with it right now. If I can get it to work for rows 2-5 and then quadrants 2-4, I will both: rejoice and then totally high-five you here on the forum and then 'like' everyone of your YouTube Channel vids. ;)
  6. Hello C4D Café community Simply put: in C4D I’d like to go from 1 cube on frame 1 to 1,000 cubes on frame 120. I’d like to control the exact position and orientation for the growth of my cloned hoard. I’m trying to start with a single cube, (for illustrative purposes, let’s size it at 10cm) Not just in a specific location, I can certainly do this, but to lock it into this exact FIXED location during the entire animation from (set axis, x,y,z perhaps, 0, 0, 0) – I don’t know how to accomplish this. I want to increase from 1 cube to 1,000, 10 layers of 10x10 procedurally animated. The attached gif, (ROUGHLY sketched to help illustrate my goal) shows cube 1, upper left corner of quadrant, then cube 2, placed directly to the right, along the X axis, etc. then I hand animated the first 'quadrant' of 25, 5x5 (it is the upper-left quadrant, then the next 25 cubes in quadrant 2, then 3 then 4 to show the completion of the first whole level, then level 2. My question: how in the hell do I do this using the c4d tools. I totally know how to get from 1 to 1,000, but I do NOT know if I should be using: - the 'cloner"? - 'thinking particles', - 'arrange objects, duplicate', etc? -formula, COFFEE, python??? Final note, I’m certainly not asking any of you to CREATE this build for me, merely point me in the right direction. I have spent many hours on cinversity and most major youtube/vimeo channels, plus read the MAXON manual – so I am keen to help myself, but I am stuck and need to ask for help. The original cube keeps moving all over the place as the clone grid/honeycomb array generates from the middle out; I know there must be a way to anchor the first cube and then control the axis along which my little cloner can get busy. Also, how to fix the first cube into a precise location, so it DOES NOT MOVE as the animation proceeds, so that each new clone or instance, is precisely to the right or below or above that FIXED point (x,y,z.)? Make sense? Thanks in advance.