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  1. Hello, I am shopping for a new computer and have two questions. 1. What is the best computer to purchase (specs and all...I'm very low tech when it comes to computer shopping so any details would be helpful!) for operating Cinema 4D? 2. If I am wanting to purchase an Apple computer AND stay mobile (so a MacBook Pro), what specs would you suggest with this? I am thinking about the 15" Macbook Pro and am wondering what upgrades are necessary and which ones will not be worth the money. Thank you!
  2. heysprad

    Keyframes not working on material change

    That second radio button worked! Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello, I have a file that has a cloner with four spheres (cloned to make many more) that has a delay, random, and sound affecting it. I'm wanting the spheres to change colors at two particular times in the song. I try adding keyframes at frame 1, 454, and 908 by Command + Clicking (I'm on a Macbook Pro) the "color" radio button in materials, but the keyframes are not "sticking" and I am left with the last color I changed the spheres to throughout the whole timeline. I was successful in getting the background to change colors at the exact time that I was wanting, but I cannot figure out how I did it correctly/differently than I am treating the spheres within the cloner. I'm still very new at C4D, so let me know if I need to supply more information for an answer!
  4. The shadows from my area light are very grainy, and I've read that I need to adjust my minimum and maximum samples on the shadows panel, however, these options are greyed out (along with accuracy and clipping influence). What setting should I change to enable these? Thank you! (Studio R17)
  5. heysprad

    Rotating Extruded Cogwheels

    Perfect! Thank you for your help and for such a quick reply!
  6. Hey, I'm trying to rotate a cogwheel that I have extruded a bit. All I want it to do is rotate in place without moving any other position. I place a keyframe on the bank at the beginning of 0 and at the end of -180. I'm noticing that when I place the end keyframe, it moves the position of the whole object, so when I hit play and the end loops around to the beginning, it has to jolt to a slightly different location because it was seemingly not rotating on a center axis point. When I do mesh>axis center, it says 0 on everything, and I've even manually set the axis center to 0. When I click back and forth between the cogwheel and the extrusion (parent), the axis point moves slightly, but when I check it out, all the values say 0 and that it's seemingly at the center of both the cogwheel and the extrusion, but I have a feeling this is the problem. Working with Studio R17