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  1. Turns out a better answer to my original question was actually "change the Trigger setting in the Dynamics Tag/Dynamics from 'Immediately' where it is by default, to either 'On Collision' or 'At Velocity Peak' and the effectors will continue to function while dynamics can still affect those objects being driven by the effectors.
  2. Thanks, yeah it was the hinge connector made child of the parent I wanted to spin plus a little extra geometry to hook it to, then hide that. Lookin' good!
  3. On the other hand, the issue seems fairly clear: If I apply dynamics tags to clone objects already being effected by effectors, as soon as the dynamics tags are applied, the effectors no longer work (whether rigid body or collision body tags are applied). Is this is a thing? Or is there a setting (apart from force, which I think only applies to keyframes on rigid bodies) that allows effectors to overcome dynamics while still allowing them to function? Do I need to bake the effectors then apply dynamics?
  4. Nope, only <2Mb Not sure how to lower it, I already deleted all the textures etc.
  5. Hi I've a scene with a few cloners dynamically effecting each others objects. All was going well, but I want to use a push-apart effector on dynamically 'ready' clones, so they interact with other clones effectively. The effector is only functional at frame 0 - as soon as the timeline moves, the effector is dsabled and only dynamics works.... Is this 'a thing'? Can I not use effectors on cloners which are dynamically active? Seriously peeved Any advice? Is there a setting that lets both work together? I've tried using the force settings to avail, i can literally move my effector at frame 0 and see it working, advance 1 frame, move it again and it no longer does anything. Cheers for any advice
  6. Is there any simple way to make objects subject to collission dynamics, but fixed about an axis? Best example of what I'm after is those spinning 'gates' on pinball machines - the ball hits the plane in z, and the plane is fixed in the x-axis, hence spins in z either forwards or backwards acording to which direction the ball struck it from. Like that. Do I need to create a hinge and hide the geometry holding it? Thx
  7. Blimey, I do believe I've sussed it out! If anyone who knows more (ie something, anything) about Expresso and the TP workflow than me could let me know if there's a better way please let me know! I'm pretty sure it's accurately doing what I want it to Scene file attached: Thanks for any extra tips, anyone Matrix Emitters_update.c4d
  8. Haha, yes, me too! I'm the intern, someone call the Creative Director! :D
  9. Hi there, thanks for trying to help. No, that's not quite it - I want emitters inside a cloner, inheriting the movement of the emitters. The movement here was from Signal, but I've baked it into keyframes in case you don't have that plugin. Scene file attached - how do I get the particles to inherit the motion from the emitters?? Thanks Matrix Emitters.c4d
  10. Hi There I'm experimenting with using the Matrix object to clone emitters and have Matrix Particles as Thinking Particle emitter objects. However, I cannot for the life of me get the particles to inherit motion from the emitters. Anybody have any clue how to get the motion from inside the Matrix (or Cloner, either can be used) to set the particles moving in the right direction and speed that it is just taken from the emitter? It's easy enough with simpler emitters, but absolutely fiendish using the MoGraph tools. Thanks for any help
  11. Hi all I've been tearing my hair out for a couple days on this one... I'm trying to sort out materials on clones (planes) in a cloner in grid array - a 46x46 clone 'square'. One side of the clones has a UVW wrap of a certain image - all good. When the clones rotate, flipping over, I want: A new - flat projection - image to span a central 'rectangle' of clones which is something like 13 x 10 clones right in the middle of the 46x46 - but all the other clones either side of this central area should retain the UVW wrap from the 'other side'... To complicate things, on a second rotation, I want this flat projection image to change to another one, same projection, of the same size. Ignoring the complication for now, how do I set about having an area of one side of my cloner with flat projection of one image, and the rest of the clones wrapped UVW with the different image? I can easily rotate the clones and have a flat projection appear on the other side, but how to have all the clones not receiving this flat projection remain with the UVW wrap of the other material from the other side? Is that clear? Studio R19 btw. Mograph selection tuts are not helping as I cannot see how to apply the image based materials and mix them up. Help very much appreciated!! TIA
  12. HI I've a cloner in 'grid array' with a 'playing card' shape as the cloned object, in a grid set up 2 | 1 | 11 - ie two rows of 11 cloned object for a total of 22 arranged as side by side 'soldiers'. In the Multishader, I have 22 different .png images to map onto the clone objects. In linear arrays, this works great, all the images are using Index Ratio to apply to the clones. In the grid array, however, despite having 22 clones, the fact that they are 2x11 (with no Y) means that the multishader affects both rows the same, with skipped images, so instead of the full sequence starting on the left row, then continuing in the right, I get half the images (alternates missing, ie 1,3,5,7 etc.) twice - once in each row. Does that make sense? How can I get the grid array to continue counting the index ratio from the first clone to the last, rather than duplicating whatever fits on the 'first' x row of the grid? Is it possible? Or am I better off using linear twice, creating 2 multishaders, and using a null or something to combine them? Seems awfully fiddly. Many TIA R19, Dell Precision 5510, Win7



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