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    Render shifts

    Ok so I it turns out my background object was off centered not my actual footage I just deleted that and it was normal
  2. GauravB

    Render shifts

    Sorry and output is at 1920x1080 as well as the footage which is 1920x1080
  3. GauravB

    Render shifts

    HI so I'm working on this motion tracked scene and every thing looks fine before I render but as soon as I do the image is offset Why Is this happening?? I am using C4D R19 Photos are attached so you can see what I mean
  4. aw man... so do you know how to pull of this effect without using physical sky atmosphere, and also does this bug persist in c4d r17?
  5. Yes I am using a physical sky atmosphere to try and sell the effect that they are far away, as I dont know how else to do this. I will get back to you when I try your solution to see if it works
  6. Yes they occur in every single frame and change locations of the building. They would not show up in the same place if I render it twice. and this is zoomed in quite a bit. I will see if this persists even while turning off all effects
  7. I am using c4d standard renderer
  8. Hi, so I am rendering this scene and on this building I noticed a bunch of black dots appearing (see pictures) I have no idea what is causing this and how to fix it. This is an animation not a still. These dots appear constantly on different parts of the building throughout the animation.

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