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  1. Mateusz

    Rendering Problems

    Thx ...
  2. Mateusz

    Rendering Problems

    Hi everyone Hope someone could help me with that. I`m working on the scene with Vray Bridge 3.4 on R17 and I found an issue with some objects. I´m trying to make desaperd some of them using V-ray compositing tag, and make them popup again playing with the visibility, but looks like the objects casting some kind of shadows on the wall even with visibility on 0 and cast shadow option off. I have been trying also the "Display" but does not worked correctly either. Attached some image, hope someone can resolve that. Thank you in advance
  3. Mateusz

    Opacity/Visibility Animation

    Hi Guys I know that we beginners we are all in rush, but please respond as soon as posible. There is a posibillity to animate wiframe object ?? I have an animation so I need to make apear an object in wiframe mode ... Thx