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  1. Hello all, How can I preserve the uvs texture in one object? Lets say I have a floor, and I have to edit the poly, and when im moving some points or edges the texture stays distorted. Thank you all
  2. create proxy

    thank you very much Rectro!
  3. create proxy

    Hello all, Lets say I have a model and I want to create a proxy to have a better performance. What should I use in c4d? Is lod the best option? or work with polygon reduction or xref? thank you very much
  4. Hello, I have open a fbx file, but I think there is something wrong with the navigation, it seems the orbit is inverted when I go up and down, but in the preferences menu it is all ok. I open a new file and the navigation / orbit is ok, only on these file its still wrong. I appreciate all the help you can give me about these. Thank you very much
  5. Closing Polygon Hole / Keeping Profile

    perfect! thank you very much :)
  6. Closing Polygon Hole / Keeping Profile

    Thanks Cerbera. But and if in the hole I wanted to scale/extrude with ctrl+extrude and at the same time the polygons stay align?is it possible? thank you
  7. Hello all, Sorry if the title is not the most correct but I really don't know how to call it. So, I have a cylinder that I'm editing, and I have made a hole on one surface that I want to close and extrude. what happens is when I close the hole, the polygons are not align with the surface of the cylinder. Is there anyway I can't solve this? thank you all
  8. Move / Rotate Bug

    Thank you vozzz, i already use those too, but at work unfortunately I work with magic mouse and makes it difficult without the middle button and to pan its impossible. I guess changing the mouse would be the solution :) thanks for your help
  9. Move / Rotate Bug

    Since I started to work with c4d, may three weeks ago. The only thing I have installed is corona renderer. it is still in beta version, may that be that the problem?
  10. Move / Rotate Bug

    I already tried that but it still happens. I can work half an hour and then that bug appears again. Thanks anyway bezo !
  11. Hello all, Does it happen to anyone here work in c4d very well and then the shortcuts 1+LMB to move/pan camera and 2+lmb to scale camera stop working? Im new in c4d and I don't know if I had clicked in some keyboard button that I shouldn't , but I think not and this is really very frustrating. The solution I find do resolve this is restart the computer, even if I restart only the c4d it doesn't works... Thank you all for your help
  12. Hello all, I have imported a model to c4d and I want to pick the model to see the textures it has, but I only found the color picker. Is there any way to see the textures or pick the object to see his material slot? thank you
  13. Imported Model Asset Error

    thank you very much for your help :)
  14. Imported Model Asset Error

    Sorry again. I tried to open texture manager but it says it has no texture and can't add a new path to textures. Am I doing something wrong? thank you again
  15. Imported Model Asset Error

    Ok, that was already a very good information! thank you very much :)