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  1. Hello all, I have imported a model to c4d and I want to pick the model to see the textures it has, but I only found the color picker. Is there any way to see the textures or pick the object to see his material slot? thank you
  2. Imported Model Asset Error

    thank you very much for your help :)
  3. Imported Model Asset Error

    Sorry again. I tried to open texture manager but it says it has no texture and can't add a new path to textures. Am I doing something wrong? thank you again
  4. Imported Model Asset Error

    Ok, that was already a very good information! thank you very much :)
  5. Imported Model Asset Error

    but isn't there any way to reload all textures? for example if it wasn't a vray material? I will have to go one by one on every single object?
  6. Hello, Im trying to import a model to c4d, and it has vray materials, but Im using corona renderer. When I try to render it says "asset error - plugin shader" and unsupported material. All the materials seems white with light. Is there any way to simply import the missing textures? thank you
  7. Shortcut Viewport Issue

    thank you ver much :)
  8. Hello, Im new in c4d and Mac also, and when I try to click f1 or f2 to change the viewport actually change the brightness or the command associated to the Mac keyboard. Im I doing something wrong? thank you all
  9. Thank you very much Cerbara!
  10. Hello all, Im new working with animation, and I have a little question. I have to make a video with about 600 frames and it will be used on a screen with 1200mmx675mm. How many dpi should i use to render? 72 or can i use less? Thank you for your help
  11. Thank you very much for your reply Bezo! I still cant import the textures...This is a specific model that was in max file but then i export it to fbx and obj file. However i still cant import the textures. My main 3d library is with max files and im getting a bit worried if i would get a lot of troubles with textures because it really slows all the process. And if i import a obj model without textures but with difuse and reflection specifications, c4d still cant read that I send a print screen with the information i see in c4d when i import the model. Once again thank you for your help
  12. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to import all the textures from an object at once like asset tracking toogle in 3ds max? thank you very much
  13. Align Points / Edges in a Certain Axis

    That was very useful guys,thank you very much!
  14. Align Points / Edges in a Certain Axis

    Thank you very much for your help. I thought that there was a way to do that without typing the reference position and simply align it in a certain axis. Once again, thank you very much for your answer!
  15. Hello, Im an ex 3ds max user and giving my first steps in c4d. I have a question? How can i align points or edges at once throw a certain axis? I will put an example below. Thank you very much for your help