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  1. I solved already. I work with corona renderer and I had applied corona materials. However if I turn my render engine in standard and apply basic materials ( non corona ) the texture set list shows with the different selections I have made. Hope that helps someone in future
  2. Hello all, Im trying to export one simple model from c4d to texture in substance painter, and I have tried all the format files, from fbx to obj, and I can not get more than one material in texture set on substance. I have unwrapped the mesh in c4d with different selections, applied different materials with different ids and still export with only one default material. I have tried some help from substance forum and untill now I haven't any answer and I thought that maybe here many of you might have this experience. I would appreciate some help with this, I do not know what I'm doing wrong. I attach some images from c4d and substance to help to show what my problem is. Thank you all for your time and help
  3. ok that was it, thanks very much srek for your help!
  4. Hello all, I have made a library in content browser with my 3d models but I can't drag and drop them into my scene. they only open in a new file. Cant understand what i have might made wrong I attach an image to show the problem. Thank you all
  5. Anyone please? Should I send more information? thank you all
  6. Hello all, I have CINEMA 4D Studio R20.030 S, and im working on a file where im using some xref objects (cars) but when I use team render, those objects shows with some transparency and opacity. If i render whitout team render, works fine. Render engine is Corona Version: 4.0 daily Jan 24 2019 (core 3) Any ideia what might be? thank you
  7. thank you! However the xref file is a bit heavy...680mb ! how can I send this to you?
  8. Hello all, Im working on a big scene and made some xref to help manage better the file, but there were some xrefs that for some reason I needed to made it editable, and now when im trying to make new xref with some of thoose objects that were made editable, they are in different positions. what should I do? change name of the editable xrefs? Thank you for your help
  9. Hello all, I have a scene where im working with xref files, but for any reason the textures are not loading for the master file when I reload it. I attach a scene image for a better understanding. Thank you all for your help!
  10. thank you very much! I just have one more question, how did you control the number of plates in the polygon selection? Once again thank you very much for your time
  11. Sure, thank you very much! facade_plate.c4d
  12. Thats right! Im trying with the cloner but don't know why I can't put it working correctly. I attach an image :) Thanks
  13. I have solve the problem. The object that I was making a xref it was inside a MultiCloner that was used to distribute some grass. I have that object there by mistake and it was changing some things I guess. I have also the facades and floors in nulls in the xref and that it seems to have some interference in the position, because when I put the floors and walls out of the nulls and make the xref again, there position seems ok. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your time!



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