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  1. Okay that does make sense thinking about what a spline actually is :D Thanks a lot, I'll try a workaround manually ~~ !
  2. Hey everyone! I have two words written in text that are animated using sweep nurbs. Eventually, I want to connect those two words with another spline, then animate the sweep such that the first (top word) is sweeped over first, then the connecting line, then the second word. However, the second word should be animated from front to back (the sweep should start at the end and then outline the word to the front). The problem I'm struggling with is that, when I connect both words with a spline and turn them into a single spline (connect objects), the sweep starts at the beginning of the second word and not at the end. From my understanding I'll have to reverse the point sequence of the second word. So I did that (make editable, mesh> Spline> Reverse sequence). However, this has no effect on the sweep animation whatsoever. Also - a minor thing I noticed, when I connect the text with my spline, it seems that not all the segments of the text are connected into the joined object (bottom of both words seems to be missing) - is that a glitch because of the font? Anybody has suggestions? File is attachted (First word Angie ------Spline ----- Zou) Cheers and thanks for your help ! ref.c4d
  3. Works as it should! Interesting :) Thanks for the quick help - I guess there's some kind of glitch with my initial settings :D
  4. Hey everyone! I'm still working on animations on a wall of cubes for a VJ project. Now I want to do some dynamic effects, e.g. an object hitting the cube wall, and the cube wall falling apart afterwards. I've done this successfully in the past, however didn't save a copy of that particular file to keep working with it. When using dynamics tags now on the wall objects, it basically explodes immediately without any trigger (tag set to trigger on collision as well). I assume that there are some friction points somewhere that cause a massive buildup of force leading to this explosion, however I don't really know how to solve that issue. Tweaking a few settings on the tags didn't help - maybe someone here knows how to prevent this issue? Thanks a lot for your help ~u~ ! reference.c4d
  5. Figured it out after a bit more research, indeed doesnt need the texture as lighting, just reflective material and some illumination. Also, I'm pretty sure now that the in the video he uses 2 layers (one for the cubes, one for the texture) in his VJ software (I assume Resolume). Thanks for the help!
  6. Bit late for me today, will post as soon as I have a comp that goes the right way :) Thanks for the fast replies!
  7. Hey there! Still working on recreating some effects from this video Right now, I'm struggling with the first sequence from 0:00-0:15. What I see (or think I'm seeing) is -some cool animated texture in the back that acts as light source as well -boxes with front and backsides removed, a reflecting texture applied to the insides that gives the boxes a glassy/mirror-like look I've tried to recreate this effect, but different results I got are quite a bit off, so I think I'm not looking in the right direction at the moment. Haven't really worked with lighting yet (reading/watching up on that as your read), my first attempt is to have a background with an animated texture, cardboard boxes with a reflecting material. Also tried to have a plane in the back of the boxes instead of the background, also not quite it. Maybe someone here can outline the rough workflow to reproduce this effect? Another thought I just had while watching the video again: Are texture and Boxes actually separate samples? It looks a bit like the texture is just laid over the boxes and not actually used as a light source? If that's the case the problem reduces to how to generate this realistic looking glassy texture and how lighting is done in that video :) While working on this project, the forum has helped me so much ! Thank you all :)
  8. Deleting mids and then connecting the ends works great for me! Thanks for your help:)
  9. Hey there! I'm still working on animating a wall of cubes similar to the video below: Right now, I'm trying to trace the shapes of the cube lattice (Basically for an animation that slowly builds the lattice from nothing), as shown at 2:45 and later. I've attached my file, basically I've rebuild the cubes without using Cloner, make them editable, select edges that I'd like to trace, convert edges to spline and then use a sweep NURB to trace for the tracing (frame tracing in the file). However, I can't seem to get the order correct, I want it to trace from start to beginning of the spline, but it keeps starting to grow splines that are not connected. Would appreciate any help and comments! I'm also sure there must be a much more elegant solution to this problem ~ but that's what I could come up with so far :) Cheers 20180429_CubeEdgesAnimate_2.c4d
  10. Thank you so much for your help :) I understand it much more now!
  11. Great! Exactly what I was looking for ~! By any chance, is there a quick way to colour the rotating cubes as well? I've tried user defined Colour Mode of the Plain effector, but that just swaps the colour as it passes.
  12. Hey there! I've been trying to reproduce a cool effect I've seen in this video at second 31 where a column of cubes is rotating through an array of cubes, also changing the colour as well. I've been experimenting with animated textures and shader effector and can reproduce the coloured column passing yhtough the array, however I can't figure out how to make that column rotate at the same time. Would be great if anybody could point me into the right direction, after browsing through hours of tutorials and forums still can't figure it out. Cheers! 20180427_Rotating rows testfile.c4d
  13. I just updated and now it works alright ! Thank you so much :)
  14. Hey everyone! I'm fairly new to C4D, using it mainly to realize specific ideas to generate samples for my VJ compositions. I'm following this very interesting tutorial on how to create flowing splines synced to sound here And even though I don't speak Korean I get it all until the last step: Rendering. For some reason, when I render the final sequence, only the original source element (tracer) takes on the changes I made to the hair shader. All other elements are rendered with hair shader, but only with default values (thickness 0.3/0.1 and brownish colour), see picture The brown hair shader are the original settings, however I want to change the thickness and colour of the lines (which happens for the first line, but the changes are somehow overridden for all consecutive ones) I've really been trying to find out why that is and where/how to change it, I hope to find an answer here! Thank you so much, all help is appreciated!
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