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  1. Hi,thanks as always for your helps..cinema 4d does not give me after effects project file for compositing in after effects,i did not have this issue before,when open .aec file the camera and nulls dont have complete key frames in time line,i attach an image hope it helps.. thanks in advance
  2. Hi..i want to bake spline dynamic and have its key frames i try several methods but because im new to c4d i dont know actualy what must i do..i attached a test file and i apperaciate if you please take a look...thanks in advance Spline Dynamic.c4d
  3. hi guys,how can i participate in E.T.C.L - Elite Topology Challenge League ?how am i going to be informed when it starts and what must i do?
  4. Hi DasFrodo thanks for reply..problem solved,open new project and merge my project in, this fixed the problem.thanks again for your time
  5. hi..in my render setting i dont know why i have 2 same render engin.when i hit render(shift+R) cinema renders twice,i cant delete one of them,what is the prob?thanks in advance
  6. wooow...maaaan reaaally thanks..all you can do is laugh at me like when i started after effects and ask some stupid question, like what is precomp :D
  7. Hi Hrvoje,i mean the search bar that use to find any object or...i changed the shortcut to shift+space,when i type for example clone it does not show me the result
  8. Hi, when I search for something in the search bar it does not show any content.
  9. really appreciate Voytech..if you have time i appreciate if you please teach me what can i do with use of that technic (You can also pass it to a Null's position for example and bake it. Then use that baked curve as a Time Track)..thanks in advance
  10. Hi every body.in after effects we can convert audio to key frame and use that as data to drive some animation..i want to extract data from sounds in cinema 4d and use it as animation driver,for example use part of sounds to connect it to vibrate tag.thanks in advance
  11. Hi guys i want to make audio spectrum effect in c4d,i mean some thing like video copilot tutorial.can you please help me?thanks in advance like this: https://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/advanced_spin_fx/
  12. Hi guys,thanks for your supports as always..i made an object and added joints and Cached the animation, after that i deleted the skin and all joints now i have my animation,the question is,how can i extract the key frames?i want to change the timing of my animation,in addition i found two methods of Caching in c4d,point cache tag and cappuccino,and since im super noob in cinema i dont know what is the difference between these? :D...thanks in advance
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