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  1. special thanks ion...
  2. Hi guys,thanks for your supports as always..i made an object and added joints and Cached the animation, after that i deleted the skin and all joints now i have my animation,the question is,how can i extract the key frames?i want to change the timing of my animation,in addition i found two methods of Caching in c4d,point cache tag and cappuccino,and since im super noob in cinema i dont know what is the difference between these? :D...thanks in advance
  3. thanks ion i found the problem..i cache the delay and its fixed..really appreciate
  4. ion really thanks for your help sry for bothering you..i have new problem i want to use delay effector in spring mode or gelatine plugin to make some bounce but again cube get that delay..really appreciate...again i attach the c4d file..thanks in advance.. Attached Null To Point Test3.c4d
  5. any body can please help me?
  6. Maaaan really appreciate..when i play the animation the null have a little delay is there a way that fix this?i attache the c4d file.....thanks in advance Attached Null To Point Test2.c4d
  7. Hi guys..thanks for your support as always..i have a plane and i made joint for that,the joints are animated,the problem is here i want to attach a Null to one of plane pints,i tried this by use of Xpresso point node the null is attached to point but its not moving with the plane..i tried another way,storing the PSR with use of point cache and i deleted all joints and skin but its not work again..hope it make sense.i forgot to say my main goal is to bake animation to plain and delete all bones and skin and then have this null that attached to point...i attached the c4d file if you can take a look at it,i appreciate it..thanks in advance Attached Null To Point Test.c4d
  8. completely true ion, the problem solved..big thanks to you guys
  9. Hi guys..sry for my poor english im new to c4d i want to use unfold polygon script in r19 but something is not true after i select my polygons i hit the first button,when i select the child polys and i hit the second button exactly like tutorial, it gives me an error, like the polys are not correctly arranged,i attached the images of the error..what i have missed?thanks in advance
  10. hi guys i need horope plugin i found a link that doesnt work for me
  11. Notron

    miss standard timeline..!

    i found the solution really Appreciate
  12. Notron

    miss standard timeline..!

    really thanks for reply..i change to standard and standard time line is appear now how can i load my pallets?i choose window/load layouts but it change the layout again to my favorite layout
  13. Hi first sry for my poor english..im new in cinema4d,i changed my user interface and after that i miss standard timeline when i switch to animation interface i have that but in my favorite user interface i have miss that what must i do?thanks in advance this is my favorite user interface and in timeline curve i miss the standard timeline.. i mean this pallet bellow