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  1. IeatPizza

    Vray Material

    Oops - yeah, the one with the emboss text on which you've done an example. I want to achieve a tinge of white/lighter version of the colour of the card inside the text if that's possible? by light? specular? I can't seem to get it. Here's mine (still new to this):
  2. IeatPizza

    Vray Material

    Hi Dan, I've been playing around with your file, got me understanding it more! One question, I'm doing a "emboss" text to a paper in Vray. I've done this via Bump in vray material using photoshop. It's worked but my only problem is getting it to look like this which I googled. I'm trying to achieve similar to this:
  3. IeatPizza

    Vray Material

    Ah, thanks Dan! I'll have play with this in the week (away at the moment) and I will post for feedback. I do indeed have Vray 3.6. I'll try your advice along with it.
  4. IeatPizza

    Vray Material

    Hi Dan, I've posted the correct link.
  5. IeatPizza

    Vray Material

    Thanks for the advice. They've actually done it in vray and i would like to do that in vray as well. I like the look of it especially the matte look and the reflections. It's when (vray GI, etc is on) I put a couple of Omni vray light on, the shadows are hard. With area vray light, it doesn't give a specular look and no reflections but it has a nice soft shadow.
  6. IeatPizza

    Vray Material

    Thanks! Ah, apologies. https://www.behance.net/gallery/63745811/The-Freaky-Monsters-Vol-I
  7. IeatPizza

    Vray Material

    Hi I've been learning about Vray and I have been playing around with it. I came across a beautiful piece here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/6374...Monsters-Vol-I Any tips on how to achieve the materials? I know you would have to have a dome light to get a reflection, but I really like the matte feel to it. Actually, all of it! Thanks