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  1. RichMed

    Where to begin?

    I have ben tasked with creating a cross section of a wound with a medical dressing applied. I basically do not know where to start as i have never created anything like this before and are still learning the C4D R19 capabilities and terminologies. Any help or guidance would be great.
  2. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    You make it sound so easy, I am sure with time things will get easier the more knowledge i acquire. Doesn't help that I am a graphic designer and still have to do that role at the same time #notenoughhoursintheday
  3. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    Are you self taught or did you attend any training courses, either online or at a physical facility location? I ask because I am in the south east too and if you know or can recommend a tutor or training centre, I am pretty sure my company will pay for me to improve.
  4. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    Wow I am now spoilt for choice. Many thanks for this @Isleofgough, would you mind explaining in 'simple terms, as I am new to C4D and the whole 3D world, almost like a 'step by step' guide, to how you created this version please? As i work for a medical company, I will have to do plenty more of this type of plaster/bandage, or what in my industry we call a 'Dressing', and so having the know how will be massively beneficial. I have only posted on the cafe a couple of times but everyone is so helpful and doesn't seem to judge your expertise level, for me, this is priceless. Thanks again, Rich
  5. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    Just to do the top right corner bend version please, I really appreciate this.
  6. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    Hi @deck, attached is a zip file of the C4D file and some reference images of how the dressing has been created in the past; 5ad715abb8659_ScreenShot2018-04-18at10_43_28.png.7ec2de3cb9017873417d27a8d063ed74.png (for the corner turnover) Displacement.c4d (C4D file) Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 14.44.08 (flat render of dressing generated previously from a CGI company) TIELLE_Essential__Silicone_Border.jpg (other angle that previous CGI company did) And this is for a still image not animation. Many thanks for this, I'll keep this open if you have any questions. Rich Displacement.zip
  7. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    @deck , this is a big ask but I am still struggling to get this displacement working, if I share my file here, would you mind applying the displacement and sending it back to me letting me know what settings you have used to get the desired result please? If I can see what you have done, I can then play with it and see what happens rather than me blindly trying and epically failing!!!
  8. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    How long have you all been doing C4D for? I only started at the beginning of the year and haven't really done much, to me its a real brain f@£%!!!
  9. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    @deck It's just for a still image currently. To all the guys in this thread so far, I appreciate your help, I have done a course in C4D but we only skimmed over textures etc. This is like teaching an old dog new tricks and im checking out 'displacement' tutorials online as i type.
  10. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    Sorry @natevplas this is a flat render of the dressing which you can see, its the inner part that has the curved edges. These were created before my time and we only have .psd files now. Would it be the same principle of editing the points? Thanks again.
  11. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    Thanks @deck for explaining 'displacement', I am slowly playing with it now. One other question, my central pad part of the plaster does not have straight edges like the sample i shared earlier, attached here is what it should look like. Can I edit my plane to create this shape or use this image for my texture in my displacement? With regards my geometry, it was all shot to the proverbial so school boy error there!!! And thanks @natevplas & @Cerbera
  12. RichMed

    What Am I Doing Wrong ?

    Many thanks Deck. I will check out my geometry and in answer to your questions, I am using the bend deformer on the main surface and all three planes sit within a Subdivision Surface. And as I am very new to this, what is 'displacement'? Thanks.
  13. I am trying to create a medical dressing, I have created the shape and textures I need but when applying a bend deformer, it does not render as anticipated. I have attached two screenshots; one with the red arrow is what I am using as my guide and how my render should look my actual render All I have are 3 planes to make up the dressing, the outer part, the inner padded part & a plane to make the back of the dressing (the white part seen in the turnover). Also when rendered, i have triangular shadows in each corner of the dressing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help/guidance/advice i receive.
  14. RichMed

    Best computer for C4D

    Thanks for the reply Unstable, I'll check out that link and check the specs against the Macs. I asked the guy who did the training course I did and he said , "you basically want as much as you can of everything - lots of ram, fastest processor you can grab and a decent graphics card."
  15. Is there a general preference on which computer is best suited for C4D for rendering and animation? I have been tasked by my manager to supply a rough cost estimate for hardware by the end of today...nothing like short notice!!! I currently have C4D visualize and run it on a MacBook Pro mid 2015 with; 16GB RAM 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB graphics card I have used Mac's all my professional life and wondered if a new iMac Pro would be better suited, the spec is; 18-Core 2.3GHz Intel Xeon W Turbo Boost up to 4.3GHz 42.75MB cache Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics processor with 16GB of HBM2 memory 128GB of 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory Or, would a similar spec PC do just the same job? I am not very knowledgeable about PC's. I am quite new to the 3D world so please excuse my lack of knowledge but any information received would be greatly appreciated.