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  1. That would probably explain it then. My plan was to get the general shape first and clean up after to kind of speed things up...ooops! I'm finding I've forgotten a few things from those CYNCH days and no doubt that is costing me. However, i won't give up and will go in and do some tidying up. Thanks once again CBR
  2. Hi CBR, I have submitted the reports to MAXON each time it crashes which is over a dozen times now over the past week. I am doing my AT-AT and there is no pattern, I could be extruding or adding control loops or anything else, my model isn't complex yet so not quite sure why this is happening. As for the drivers, my Mac is up to date, it has only been doing it since I started my AT-AT, see attached file. Rich AT-AT Walker_0004.c4d
  3. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this but my C4D R21 which I run on an iMac Pro keeps crashing. I am not doing any major modelling, just basic editing points and polys to get the result i need. It's beginning to do my head in, any help or reasons why this may be happening would be appreciated. I can attach a 'bug' report or the C4D file I am working on if that would help. Thanks in advance, Rich
  4. Perfect...especially when you know how. Cheers buddy.
  5. Thanks @Cerbera, I'm sure the video you sent me when we built that CYNCH unit last year had something like I had to extrude out some edges to remove the triangles or something. It's like creating a hole but I'm not making a hole, just want nice topology.
  6. To help refresh my skills in C4D, I'm just creating a Lego mini figure and the bit in question is the top of the head. I appreciate you won't see it but I want to do this the right way otherwise I'll never learn/remember See attached screenshot... Thanks
  7. Now this a very simple thing that I cannot remember how to fix. How I do make the centre triangles into nice happy quads? I did have a video of how to fix this but unfortunately lost it, sorry @Cerbera Many thanks, Rich
  8. Nice one, thank you. Thought I'd post on here instead of bugging ya all the time
  9. RichMed

    Golf Clubs & Wraps

    Wow, I agree with Igor, seriously next level stuff
  10. Hi everyone, My C4D skills need a bit of a refresh and being a bit of a Star Wars nut, I wondered if anyone here knows of any good Star Wars tutorials please? I'm a graphic designer by trade and haven't touched C4D for a few months and my old brain needs a little reminder and i thought something that interests me would help. Doesn't necessarily have to be Star Wars, possibly something sci-fi, I just need something to act as a refresher before I start my own Star Wars project. Many thanks in advance, Rich
  11. Wow, looks awesome and I love how clean the topology is. One day this noob would like to create such topology, maybe years not days!!!
  12. Nice work, especially the nice detail of the leaves, gives it a more 'lived in' atmosphere.
  13. That's a great question and one that is of huge help to myself. I too am purely Mac based as I do 3D and standard graphics work, probably 80% 2D and 20% 3D at present. I run an iMac Pro and use C4D's own renderer which depending on what I am doing, can be slow, for example, animation, CBR know's what I mean. It's nice to get some clarity on the differences but for me, at present, I'm sticking with C4D's own engine, slow it may be, but for someone who is new to 3D, I don't fancy having to adjust my textures etc, especially when some of my clients just dont get why it takes so long t
  14. Awesome, that's really cool, sure beats trying to animate a plaster being applied to a wound ; )
  15. I just tried to PM you but it won't let me, it says "Cerbera cannot receive messages".
  16. I apologise for my posts, I work in-house for a US based company and have 20+ years experience with graphic design and i volunteered to learn 3D as i was excited to learn and do something new. In theory I won't get paid for this job but obviously i am on a salary so I guess i get paid for my skills, or in this case, lack of. I have undertaken 2 training courses and produced some static 3D's, probably not perfect but if I don't commit, i wont learn. But my normal 9-5 is doing graphic design with long periods of no 3D so whatever I have learnt, gets lost. I do not mean to
  17. I did warn you I'm a noob and it appears I have over committed with this project, I really don't know where to start, its taken almost 4 weeks of blood, sweet and tears to get to this stage... to put it mildly.
  18. Wow, that is truly really really helpful, many thanks for taking the time out to go through this with me, its very much appreciated.
  19. I hope this works https://www.dropbox.com/l/scl/AACL-YSGxaH-5J44qoltbZp8Ysgx87dKmz8
  20. Think I have cracked it but now got another issue which is starting to 'P' me right off. Im at the stage of animating the application of the dressing over the wound with basic key frames, moving the dressing into position and using a bend deformer to give it a more realistic application...however, the minute i add my key frame to close off the animation it jumps back to the previous key frame. All I want the dressing to do, is position itself so the black foam falls directly in the middle of the dressing I am trying to apply. I can't attach my file, its 8.5mb and I'm o
  21. Please see attached screenshot below, I am animating the plaster onto the wound with a bend deformer but the minute I apply the 'Collision Deformer' to push the impression of the foam through the dressing it does this...what am i doing or not doing, I am seriously stuck here.
  22. Wow, thanks for this, didn't expect someone to try and do it. But what exactly have you created here, sorry, I am such a C4D noob. I have opend your C4D file but are not sure what I am looking at. Thanks again, Rich.
  23. Thanks Danijel, I'll give it a go.
  24. Thanks danijelk but I'd like to create this in C4D as I do not use AE...well not yet anyway.
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