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  1. Wow, looks awesome and I love how clean the topology is. One day this noob would like to create such topology, maybe years not days!!!
  2. Nice work, especially the nice detail of the leaves, gives it a more 'lived in' atmosphere.
  3. That's a great question and one that is of huge help to myself. I too am purely Mac based as I do 3D and standard graphics work, probably 80% 2D and 20% 3D at present. I run an iMac Pro and use C4D's own renderer which depending on what I am doing, can be slow, for example, animation, CBR know's what I mean. It's nice to get some clarity on the differences but for me, at present, I'm sticking with C4D's own engine, slow it may be, but for someone who is new to 3D, I don't fancy having to adjust my textures etc, especially when some of my clients just dont get why it takes so long to render something. Rich
  4. Awesome, that's really cool, sure beats trying to animate a plaster being applied to a wound ; )
  5. I just tried to PM you but it won't let me, it says "Cerbera cannot receive messages".
  6. I apologise for my posts, I work in-house for a US based company and have 20+ years experience with graphic design and i volunteered to learn 3D as i was excited to learn and do something new. In theory I won't get paid for this job but obviously i am on a salary so I guess i get paid for my skills, or in this case, lack of. I have undertaken 2 training courses and produced some static 3D's, probably not perfect but if I don't commit, i wont learn. But my normal 9-5 is doing graphic design with long periods of no 3D so whatever I have learnt, gets lost. I do not mean to take the 'P' or abuse the cafe or take advantage of anyone especially yourself as you have provided no end of support and for free, it is truly gratefully received. I will PM you about a 3D mentor, I may work in a company that has over 5,000 staff, but I am the only one who has any knowledge of 3D and as you are finding, that isn't a lot.
  7. I did warn you I'm a noob and it appears I have over committed with this project, I really don't know where to start, its taken almost 4 weeks of blood, sweet and tears to get to this stage... to put it mildly.
  8. Wow, that is truly really really helpful, many thanks for taking the time out to go through this with me, its very much appreciated.
  9. I hope this works https://www.dropbox.com/l/scl/AACL-YSGxaH-5J44qoltbZp8Ysgx87dKmz8
  10. Think I have cracked it but now got another issue which is starting to 'P' me right off. Im at the stage of animating the application of the dressing over the wound with basic key frames, moving the dressing into position and using a bend deformer to give it a more realistic application...however, the minute i add my key frame to close off the animation it jumps back to the previous key frame. All I want the dressing to do, is position itself so the black foam falls directly in the middle of the dressing I am trying to apply. I can't attach my file, its 8.5mb and I'm only allowed to upload 1.9mb, is there another way to share with you what i have done? And this is the first ever piece of animation I have ever done in C4D or anywhere for that matter, i've just had to google tutorials to learn.
  11. Please see attached screenshot below, I am animating the plaster onto the wound with a bend deformer but the minute I apply the 'Collision Deformer' to push the impression of the foam through the dressing it does this...what am i doing or not doing, I am seriously stuck here.
  12. Wow, thanks for this, didn't expect someone to try and do it. But what exactly have you created here, sorry, I am such a C4D noob. I have opend your C4D file but are not sure what I am looking at. Thanks again, Rich.
  13. Thanks Danijel, I'll give it a go.
  14. Thanks danijelk but I'd like to create this in C4D as I do not use AE...well not yet anyway.
  15. I have been using C4D for just over a year now but my next challenge is animation. I need to do a simple animation of a magnified effect, please see graphic below; I do not know where to start so help and advice is gratefully received.
  16. Brilliant, finally i get all that, I know where you are coming from now. I'll have a go tomorrow so watch this space, fingers crossed I get it cracked. Thanks again.
  17. Photoshop, i know how to use that ; ) I'm impressed and very grateful for your help and support. I'll fire up Photoshop tomorrow and try and nail down this lattice texture. I reckon a normal semi transparent plastic texture will work too but may make it less transparent so you can actually see the dressing.
  18. Basically the animation is this; Remove edge strips from two sides of dressing Zoom into dressing to get detailed view of the bubble structure Zoom out Move down over a wound and place over wound Peel back one corner halfway and reapply There is text to overlay but we have AE guy who's going to do that. It doesn't sound much but i haven't done any animation. Image wise, the dressing is top secret so i have to be careful what i post etc but in simple terms, it looks like a rectangle piece of bubble wrap 21cmx25cm. The zoom in part is also quite baffling me, when i make the dressing, i have to make sure teh texture or how ever i build it, is high enough res to allow this. You can see in this pic below that the bubbles have a kind of lattice pattern inside them;
  19. Whoa! I think my brain is about to explode! Sorry about not updating my profile, i have Studio R20 now, just need the knowledge to use it to its potential!!! My modelling skills are very very basic, I am googling now some of the terms you used for tutorials, just glad I got my deadline extended. In simple terms, are you saying model the plaster from scratch and to get the bubblewrap 'bubbles' use a cloner to get the desired effect of multiple bubbles? The back of the plaster is flat so just the top surface needs the bubbles pushing through. So if i created all my bubbles, how do i then attach them to, for example, a rectangle plane to form the complete dressing? Sorry for being such a noob here, maybe the day i retire I will finally understand C4D.
  20. Thanks for that, thats kind of what i need to do. A couple of questions; 1. Are you able to share the .C4D file of the above (so i can pull it apart for my own needs) 2. The plaster will sit over a foam layer already in the wound like the attached image below, does that mean I would have to apply a cloth tag to the plaster too? 3. The plaster looks basically like a sheet of bubblewrap. My deadline is the beginning of next week and I am starting to think i have 'over promised' what i can deliver!!! Any help is as usual, gratefully received.
  21. I need advice/help to work out how to apply a dressing/plaster to part of the human body to cover a wound. Please see attached screenshot (ignore the text). Do I create my plaster then apply a cloth tag or a bend deformer or something else? I need to have it animated so it will start at the top of the screen and be applied once, then removed and re-applied. Any guidance would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance,
  22. @BigAl3D Thanks for the reply, and like yourself,I also have 20 years experience as a graphic designer dealing with print materials, its only the past year that I have started to branch out into the 3D world and boy, is it different!!! The background, in a nutshell, our packaging was created by a design agency and they chose, for cost purposes, 2 spot colours. These are 'Pantone Cool Grey 11 C' and 1 other depending on the product brand...we have several. On each pack we show the product, this has to be 2 colour like above. In the past we had an external company render these images for us as 2 spot colours but I do not know how and I can't really ask them as by brining the 3D 'in-house', we have taken our business away from them. Could this be done in prepress like photoshop for example once C4D has done the render perhaps? Rich
  23. Thanks Vizn, you're right, it does sound a PIA!!! Unfortunately our packaging only use 2 pantone colours so trying to find a close match wont work, it has to be the exact pantones. So if I was doing this, would I have one material for one colour and the another for the second colour?Then do 2 passes to capture these two materials???
  24. I have been asked to create some images for our packaging, however, these are made up of 2 Spot/PANTONE colours only, not CMYK. Can I do this in C4D, and how do i do it. Many thanks in advance.
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