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  1. Tried it too... gives the same "open" result MVC
  2. I totally understand but this is happening in a cut motion and I don't see how it can be done using SDS modeling. When I unchecked HQ in the Boolean everything goes crazy.
  3. I have made a chair cutting using Boolean. How on earth can I close the cap and make it SOLID? see my screenshot. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Trying to think of a way to create a continues helix shape based on a 3D model. I need it for creating a continues build of a l using x-particles as endless toothpaste buildup. Thanks.
  5. When opening an FBX mocap file mograph cloner is locked for modifications - Change it's type etc...
  6. YES... it is one of those crappy cad models... Boolean is a nightmare - I have tried it.
  7. I mean that I want to create a shell to the model I have presented to illustrate a mold it was molded from
  8. I'm trying to create a Shell of an existing object that will follow its structure... Please help... attached is the object I want to Shell. Thanks.
  9. Ok, so everything works fine here, using the pose morph tag but now I'm facing another problem using a mograph cloner and random effector. I need the animation to start for each clone. I have attached to file. Morph-2.c4d
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