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  1. UPDATE: Version for R20 is out now in case youre interested!
  2. Thanks you! I did this exactly for the reason to provide something generalized like the standart UI of other 3D Software, and things such as the primitive object table are there because they dont hurt anyone since there is plenty of space left and its just easier, you dont have to go into the create menu, then object and click on it while it closes and you have to reopen it again or leave it as little window open, for pen users this can be very beneficial since Tabs are much bigger and easier to access. Still the Design itself is a Scheme which can be applied to all Layouts. I rearranged the whole file for the UI Element coordinates and uniformed the sizes and changed them, its for example easier now to use the NumericInput, the buttons are bigger and easier to use. Here also a quick close up for reference of what i changed.
  3. Oh im sorry that I didnt include them, I provided the screenshots in the Link on Gumroad though! :)
  4. Hello C4DCafe I hope this is the right section to post this in. I thought the Interface of C4D is pretty outdated, so I tried to improve it and did also other changes which improve usability and provide a faster and easier workflow. I also hope im allowed to post gumroad links, anyways here is the link if you want to check it out: https://gumroad.com/l/aTssj Any suggestion for improvement is very welcomed! I hope you will be satisfied with my Idea and find it refreshing in contrast with the old last generation Design of C4D, unfortunately i cant change everything of course, MAXON also created small bugs which were covered up very well in their Design, it has also many inconsistencies but im looking forward on providing new Versions and alternative Versions of it in the future! (To the mods: please correct me if im posting in the wrong section or if I am not allowed to post external Links)
  5. something i tried to do myself, nice and good work!
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