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  1. Yes, I used google translator I will try to explain better..... I have two CPUs - Intel xeon e5-2698v4 es (each has 20 cores \ 40 threads) on the motherboard asus z10pe-d16ws. In the corona render benchmark, v-ray test, cinebench r15, everything is fine, the results are as they should be, in 3dmax18 + corona render too all ok. In c4d I manually set how many threads are used for rendering, and as soon as I begin to use the threads of the second processor (in the settings 41 threads , which is 40 threads of the first processor, and 1 thread of the second processor) starts rendering speed gets worse, and the more threads of the second processor are used, the rendering speed becomes worse. The screenshots on the right in the frame name indicate how many threads were used to render that frame. Renders with textures is a corona renderer, renderers without materials is a standard physical
  2. Hi all, are there any people who work on two processor configurations? In particular, in conjunction with the Corona render? The problem is that when using a standart physical render , from the second cpu, the sense is 0 (the preview without materials, the name of the frame = the number of threads), and in the corona render in general (at preview with mats), if even one thread from the second processor, then there is a decrease in speed, with full use of the second processor in general, everything is very bad((( In benchmarks (cinebench r15, corona render benchmark, v-ray test), and in max +corona render everything is ok.



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