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  1. OOOppss, find the solution, Octane has a different area to define the render region
  2. Hello, Recently I work on a project. I 'v already rendered a sequence but need to change a little thing from the original scene, so I wanna use the Region Render to save my time and composite it in post. Everything works fine if I use C4D standard render, just need to click on the "Render Region" Checkbox in the Render Settings. But when I was working on Octane, nothing happened, the final rendering still being the whole image. Why is that? Cheers, KK
  3. Hello, Cafe, My Scene is so tiny, and I think it's the reason why my hair collider cube will collide with the hair even if it hasn't reached for it. So can I do something? Have already changed the Scene Scale to 0.1 Millimeter but nothing could help. Cheers, KK Tiny Hair Scene_Q.c4d
  4. Heylo, Cafe! In this project, I applied a Delay deformer inside the group to make my plane spring (It started to work on frame 40), but my tail of the plane just disappear, and I don't know why. Here is my project file. Cheers, KK 107-Origami Aircraft4-Q.c4d
  5. Heylo, Cafe, Have anyone met with this problem before? I am an Octane user. My MoGraph and Dynamics animation just worked fine in Octane Live viewer, but when rendering in Picture Viewer, things became strange - Only part of my MoGraph elements can be rendered, and others just disappear! Before render, I have cached my dynamic and you can see it through the attachment. Am I missing something? KK
  6. Hey, HSrdelic, thank you for reply all the same.
  7. Yes, surely I should upload a scene file, it was rendered in Octane, maybe I need an Octane volume fog or the Post Bloom? 97-Metal Flower-Octane Material Test.c4d
  8. Hello, Cafe, Recently I have trouble with the Blackbody Emission, I wanna create the lighting effect using Blackbody Emission applying for a sphere like this, but my sphere edge is so obvious, how can I get rid of that and made a nice lighted edge with bloom? Cheers, Kiki
  9. Hello, Cafe, Recenctly I'v test about how to randomize the deformer falloff animation inside child of the Cloner, I tried to add a random effector for Cloner and change the TimeOffset parameter but nothing happened. Can anybody help? Cheers, Falloff Animation_Q.c4d
  10. Thank you Anthony, and I'v found some help there.https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=67979 Cheers,
  11. Hello, Cafe, In my project I used Octane. It's random color shader is really powful for a Cloner when the "Render Instances" check box is chose, just for the Instances. But how if I only just want to apply random color to a group of objects (using a null to group them) to make different objects to have different color. What should I do? Cheers, KK
  12. Thank you, BigAl3D and Westbam. Because my project is related to both dynamics and mograph. But the method above is just suitable for dynamics, and changing the fps still didn't solve the problem either. Just found this tutorial is a good solution using XPresso to bake the mograph, then I can add a motion clip to control the remapping.
  13. Hello, Cafe, I am recently doing a project about MoGraph, and wanna have a slow motion become one part of the whole animation. So I'v found this tutor in Youtube, and try to copy it. (In mainly use corrction deformer and bake object and motion clip )It works in some way, but not in my project, because when I an trying to add a correction deformer as a child of the Obj Null, my computer just freezed, and nothing can be done anymore. Well...hope someone could see this and help. Cheers, PS. I didn't cache the mograph because the file will be too big. Maybe the first thing to do when open it will be the cache. Yeepee.4- Ball4_12_Cafe Q.c4d

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