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  1. There is a way (without baking and offsetting later) to offset the PULSE?. For example, i have multiple emitters, with pulse, and 30 frames interval. Now all emitters are synchronised, but i need to offset each one, so the first one start in frame 20, and start to count from that point. Thanks!
  2. 2048 x 2048. Likewise, even if the resolution of the texture is low, it should look smooth, but in my case it looks cutted or altered the normals in some way. No matter the scale/size of the texture, always looks in low res, thats the problem
  3. Weird. Also in meshlab i see it wrong, and my client too. R18 057. Any idea?
  4. Oh! Many thanks for your help. Here you have it. Eyes_Pig.c4d
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! I've already tried, and it's exactly the same. I do not know what's happening to try to solve it. I tried to split the eyeball from the head model to make a new phong and nothing happens I also increased the subdivisions and it remains the same.
  6. Hello people, this is my first post here! For a strange reason, when i collapse all the geometry into one, the eyeballs look strange, as if the phong did not affect them. I try aligning normal, reverse, optimize, but nothing seems to work. It seems to be all right, but I can not understand the problem The texture is applied with an unwrap that I create, 2k resolution, so it is not a low resolution problem either. Thanks for considering my request!


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