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  1. cinevisual

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    If Chaos Group offer Vray C4D with a perpetual license I'll probably buy it. I tried Corona beta 2 and it is very fast and easy to use but I already broke it, plus again as It's rental I wont be buying it.
  2. cinevisual

    Cone primitive crashing R20?

    Thanks for testing and confirmation. Any idea when service pack will be released?
  3. Could anyone please quickly try this if they're running R20.028 Create a cone. Top radius around 52cm Go into caps, turn on Top and put radius at max (should be 52cm or your own top radius) Go back into object and start playing around with the Bottom radius (mouse dragging the spinner up and down, zeroing it) This crashes my C4D without fail every time and was wondering if this is just my system. Please save your work before hand just in case :) Thanks
  4. cinevisual

    Automotive Modeling in Cinema 4D

    Any idea where the paid ones are? I'm also looking for a good car modelling tutorial from a professional that talks you through the process, explains which tools to use and why etc. Thanks.
  5. cinevisual

    Save viewport layout

    Thank you, that worked for me.
  6. cinevisual

    Save viewport layout

    I have the interface customised and saved as startup layout, no problems there. However I wanted to change the viewport layout as mentioned above and have that saved as startup layout as well. C4D only appears to save the interface as the startup layout but viewports always revert back to default positioning. If however I save a file with the viewports in a different position it retains it. Thanks.
  7. cinevisual

    Save viewport layout

    Hi guys, This is my first of many newbie questions to come :) I have changed the viewport layout to my liking (eg. perspective view bottom right and set 'use as render view' ) but when I restart all the views return to their default position again, I have also saved as startup layout. In the mean time I have saved a scene with the viewports the way i like them but just would be nice to have them positioned in this way when I start C4D. Thanks.