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  1. Thank you very much guys, not entirely sure how your solutions work but I'm currently trying to pick it apart by using the annotations and apply it to my scene. Cheers!
  2. I am a complete novice at xpresso and don't know how to program but would like to display a random float number with decimal point and have it changing random intervals for example every 5-10 frames . At the moment I can only figure out to display a random integer which changes every frame. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone please confirm if this is a bug or know of any plugin to render tracer lines? Any input appreciated. Edit. Managed to solve it thanks to Cerbera's fix in another thread with a similar problem
  4. Thanks for taking a look, I could use the 'even' mode or turn off Delay altogether but when doing so the sweep edges become pointed for some reason, Looks like a bug to me unless I'm doing something wrong. Is there a 3rd party plugin that can render out the tracer lines without using Sweep?
  5. Hi, I'm getting corrupted lines every 30 frames when animating a Cloner object that is driven by a Shader noise texture. The corruption occurs when using a Sweep object in order to make the tracer lines renderable, it seems to occur when the noise texture changes every 30 frames. Is there any other way to render these tracer lines out? Thank you. mograph_tracer_sweep.c4d
  6. I'm trying to make a confetti type effect with standard particles but not having much luck and was wondering if anyone may be able to help. I've made a standard emitter, put an object as a child and assigned a dynamics tag so that it applies some gravity to the emitter and object. It shoots confetti upwards really fast which is what I want, but I'm having trouble getting it to really slowly float down to the floor again with some randomness. Under the dynamics tag I've tried reducing the mass of the object, playing with drag, adding a friction force but can't get the effect I'm
  7. Thanks Cebera, I don't suppose you have R20 studio version to test it on do you?
  8. I'm using R21, and found what seems to be a strange bug. When I animate a cube from X to Y and then assign a dynamics tag to it and put follow position to 30 (at 100 it gitters too much) it animates the way I want and has all the properties of a rigid body object, good stuff. However when I move the X to Y keyframes of the cube to begin the animation after frame 63 it doesn't play the animation back anymore in the viewport, but for some reason when I scrub the timeline the animation works. This appears to only occur after frame 63 for some reason. Thanks.
  9. Ok Cebera, thank you for your input I will try the tutorial.
  10. Scene file attached version R21, thanks. balloon_with_string.c4d
  11. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help shed some light on the following problem. I have a balloon animation floating up and am testing spline dynamics on the string attached to the balloon which looks ok but there is a problem with the string. I have a simple spline divided into segments and have a spline dynamics tag and a constraint tag which uses the top point attached to the balloon. When the balloon begins to float upwards the spline reacts accordingly but the top point attached to the balloon begins to shift out of place but then corrects itself and
  12. That's a shame. For me I need it mainly for animations and interiors.
  13. Are there any CPU based 3rd party renderers out there for C4D which offer a perpetual license? The options out there seem to be decreasing. The only decent option I can find is Redshift but that appears to be mainly GPU based. Thanks.
  14. You've given me an idea as i have R19 as well but assumed my file already created in R20 wouldn't open in R19, but just checked and it does. Thanks.
  15. I want to create a realistic grass lawn, is there a simple plugin available or method to scatter geometry over a large surface? I've tried using mograph cloner but system becomes unresponsive once i begin to increase the clones in the 1000's I've done some searching but can only find some scatter plugins that require 3rd party renderers or the studio version of cinema, but I'm running broadcast. I do have some budget for a decent plugin for creating grass, trees etc as long as it doesn't require a 3rd party renderer.
  16. If Chaos Group offer Vray C4D with a perpetual license I'll probably buy it. I tried Corona beta 2 and it is very fast and easy to use but I already broke it, plus again as It's rental I wont be buying it.
  17. Any idea where the paid ones are? I'm also looking for a good car modelling tutorial from a professional that talks you through the process, explains which tools to use and why etc. Thanks.
  18. Thank you, that worked for me.
  19. I have the interface customised and saved as startup layout, no problems there. However I wanted to change the viewport layout as mentioned above and have that saved as startup layout as well. C4D only appears to save the interface as the startup layout but viewports always revert back to default positioning. If however I save a file with the viewports in a different position it retains it. Thanks.
  20. Hi guys, This is my first of many newbie questions to come :) I have changed the viewport layout to my liking (eg. perspective view bottom right and set 'use as render view' ) but when I restart all the views return to their default position again, I have also saved as startup layout. In the mean time I have saved a scene with the viewports the way i like them but just would be nice to have them positioned in this way when I start C4D. Thanks.
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