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  1. Excuse for poor/missing features, since the person I quoted posted that as if people shouldn't complain about features because C4D is so stable. Honestly I'd rather take the 2 crashes per day (or whatever is the industry standard) than the C4D stability, if that's really what it takes to have more and better features. The issues with crashing in the Maya or Max (don't know about Modo) are very overblown anyway. It's really pretty much like someone saying today that they use Macs because Windows crashes all the time. It's just not true. Also, I always save very often, even in C4D so crashes are a minor annoyance at most.
  2. Does this really matter more than the features? I'm sorry, but this is not an excuse. And in fact, stability seems to have taken a hit as years went by too. C4D was the program that "never" crashed... well, you can't really say that about it anymore. It's still very solid, of course, but just something to think about. It would be great. The Xpresso UI is... old. Of course, Redshift could also do their own UI like Octane did.
  3. Yeah, I did not mention it because it's not really something I have much need of, but particles certainly is another very outdated part.
  4. Thank you, will do! Although, shouldn't the MAXON employees be aware of what is out there already? Like know your competition and such? For a small example, compare the proportional editing in Blender for example to what is available in C4D. Not a missing feature per se, just an outdated feature. And just a note, despite being negative about this release, I actually love C4D and in fact it can do many of the things I need. But it's because I love it that I want to see it get better and not be trampled by other programs.
  5. Even without plugins 3DSMax has a lot more functionality in those areas. Hey it might be because they bought and integrated plugins, but the end result is what actually matters. I wouldn't say main thing, but definitely an important part. Thing is, I believe modeling is such an integral part of content creation that it needs to be kept up-to-date. Meaning, it is extremely annoying to have to resort to plugins or other applications or workarounds for things that are now pretty much considered standard when it comes to modeling. It's not like say, a different render engine. Or a plugin for fluids... although, you know, given the price of C4D compared to other programs, the fact that it's missing fluid simulation is quite annoying as well.
  6. I did. It's definitely nice but nothing worth upgrading over. Now let me ask you some things: Is there nobody at MAXON that knows how to code an UV editor? Or what is the reason that you keep avoiding improving since forever? Why are tools being moved to a new kernel modeling noted in the list of features? If it's not relevant to the user experience what is it doing there? Why no actual modeling improvements and new modeling tools? Are you going to wait on the modeling again until you're completely outmatched by all other programs like the last time you upgraded the modeling tools? Which one is gonna be the catch-up version this time? R21? 22? 30?
  7. Wow, that's disappointing. Nothing except tweaks and fixes and stuff to bring some features out of the stone age. Literally none of most requested features are present, except the node materials which are actually in the "out of stone age" category.
  8. Well, it certainly depends on the job, but I'd say that limited options also limit you. See, for example, the UV toolset. And that's not the only area where C4D is lagging behind. "Adequate" is also not much of a praise. :) There must be something between adequate and the best at everything. And yes, mograph is C4D's main selling point, but will they be able to live only on that and leave other features lagging behind everybody else? Maya already tries to bite into the mograph market share. Houdini is of course its own thing, and maybe not an alternative for many because of its learning curve, but it can do anything Mograph does and more. Hey, I guess I can even mention Blender, which I doubt will ever get big in the industry, but they are working on implementing stuff that will make motion graphics actually possible and much easier than Houdini there too. Regarding performance, while it would be awesome, I'm not sure how possible it is to increase it significantly. I think it's much harder to squeeze performance out of hardware that just doesn't increase in power as it used to than it is to add and improve features.
  9. Thing I'd like the most is an UV update to bring C4D at least in line with the rest, because honestly it's way behind everything else in that department. Modelling updates and maybe finally fluid simulation would be good too.
  10. Eh, I wouldn't be that optimistic. They did improve a lot their modeling tools from what they were, but I think only because they were left way behind by everything else. I wish they'd realize they were left behind in the UV department too. :p Anyway, I just don't think modeling is a priority for them, unfortunately. I hope I'm wrong and maybe that "new modeling kernel" thing will actually mean something good. We'll see. Even if it, it's probably not gonna beat a program that started with the focus on modeling in terms of features.
  11. OK, definitely much more advanced, with divisions and and profiles and stuff like that. Stitch and Sew can create polygons between the edges too by holding Shift. Edit: Just saw the auto-connection option, that's really awesome. Can be used to do proper quad-caps too. Very, very nice.
  12. There is the stitch and sew tool in C4D that does this. Unless I didn't get correctly what you meant. And of course it's possible that the bridge in Modo is better, I wouldn't know. The Bridge edge in C4D is more of an interactive tool in that you can just drag edges to bridge them to other edges without needing to select anything first. And by now it's pretty much made obsolete by the Polygon Pen tool which can do the exact same thing. Bridge in poly mode kinda does what you expect, though.
  13. Yeah, axis extension is pretty cool. I also use the the workplane options to put objects on the surface of other objects, though it is maybe a bit convoluted. Like: - "align workplane to selection", so the center and orientation of the new workplane matches the, for example, face you want to align to. This is also great to create new objects which will be already placed and aligned to that selection - choose an existing object and do Reset PSR on it and then "align object to workplane" which will get it in the center of the new workplane.
  14. Of course, point bevel! Thanks! To get back to something that is good about C4D, I love that you can Ctrl+drag in edge slide mode to duplicate an edge loop. And it has preserve curvature as well. I use this all the time and I couldn't find it, if it exists, in the other programs I tried. Though I wish the edge slide mode would have that option from the KyamaSlide plugin to slide a boundary edge past the boundary. That exists in Blender for example. So, together with the duplicate option in the regular slide you could drag an extra loop that continues the shape... And of course it would be great if we could slide multiple points as well.
  15. Ah, got it thanks! All good stuff that would be useful indeed. Was just trying a while ago to do a diamond patter without manually cutting the edges but didn't figure out how. Speaking of preserve curvature... to me that looks like it's not actually calculating the curvature all that well. I mean, if I delete a loop from sphere and try to put it back with the loop cut tool it won't be identical with the deleted one. Whereas in Maya, the new loop will be in exactly the same place. Seems like C4D just gives you the slider to eyeball it, I'm not sure if it does any calculations.



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