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  1. Thanks, I've tried the infinite light and sunlight, they give good results. I've also tried the physical sky with its own compositing tag to not be seen by transparency and reflection, which allows me to keep the other sky elements such as the clouds etc...
  2. Ah, solved it! Noob mistake - I also have a physical sky which seems to override the sky object from being reflected. Anyone know how to get a sun casting shadows effect without the physical sky?
  3. Yes, I've done some tests in a separate file where I can get the desired effect, it must be something specific to this file.
  4. Hello, I have some glazing set up in a model for an architectural rendering. I have a sky object with background material applied, tex. applied in the luminance channel. I have applied a compositing tag to the sky object so I can't see it in the background of the render (its just needed for reflections), so unchecked 'seen by camera'. This seems to also remove the glass reflections of the sky objects texture which I need. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? The render settings are with physical sky, with GI and AO.